Monday 3 January 2011

2/10 - The Masque Haunt, Old Street, London

Location: Situated on Old Street, The Wetherspoons pub The Masque Haunt is one of the worst examples of the ubiquitous chain of pubs across the UK. 


Bad. Burger arrived with a stick through it to hold it together, small pile of chips and some sad and dried up iceberg lettuce, tomato and a ring of red onion.

Not great. Cheese and bacon. Cheese tastless and had been melted a while ago, meaning it had congealed, the bacon was fatty and stringy.

Bad. Slightly dried out seasame seed bun, that completely fell apart during eating.

Bad. Wasn't a handmade beef patty, and fairly low quality, covered in grease and flavourless.

Plate Accessories: 
Not great. Small pile of tasteless chips were fine, salad was disappointing, and may have been left for too long under a heat lamp...

Overall rating: 2/10

This burger was crap, the only thing I could recommend about this on is price - reconfirming that you get what you pay for in a burger. The Masque Haunt would definitely be pretty low down on the list for place to eat, unless there was a financial crisis on...!


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