Sunday 9 January 2011

5/10 - All Bar One, Appold Street, City of London

Location: Situated behind Liverpool Street Station, on Appold Street, this All Bar One is a City take on the ubiquitous AB1 chain acrosss the UK. 


Ok. Wooden stick holding burger together, good portion of chips, and small pot of tomato salsa.

None. Just the aforementioned tomato salsa (didn't fancy the camembert-topped option on this adventure).

Surprisingly Ok. Slightly dry but nice cross between ciabatta and standard bun.

Not great. Wasn't a handmade beef patty, and was overcooked meaning the burger had dried out and lost any flavour it may have had. Burger had also been made with coriander, giving it a faint curry-ish aroma - I found this slightly offputting!

Plate Accessories: 
Ok. Chips fine and generous portion, salsa was disappointing and there wasn't enough of it to make up for the dry burger.

Overall rating: 5/10

I can't recommend the All Bar One, Appold Street for food (or at least not burger food!), so if you are visiting this public house, I'd stick to the beer!

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