Friday 31 December 2010

5/10 - The Red Lion, Moorgate, City of London

Location: Situated on Eldon Street, in between Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations, The Red Lion is what I'd describe as a 'proper london boozer'. 


Ok. The burger came fully assembled with a stick through it to hold it together, pile of chips and some sad looking lettuce.

Ok. Cheese and bacon. Cheese not particularly flavoursome, bacon a little fatty, but otherwise ok.

Ok. Standard non-seeded bun, a little dry but didn't fall apart during the eating.

Ok. Wasn't a handmade beef patty, but was cooked slightly pink in the middle. Again it was a little fatty, but wasn't a grease trap.

Plate Accessories: 
Not great. Pile of chips were fine, a little tasteless, but covered in salt and ketchup you wouldn't be able to tell, the salad was disappointing, and may have been left for too long under a heat lamp.

Overall rating: 5/10

This burger was ok. I wouldn't particularly recommend it, if you found yourself eating at The Red Lion, and fancied a burger, you'd get an ok experience. Not the worst burger, but by no means a great experience. 'Nuff said.

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