Friday 14 January 2011

7/10 - Gourmet Burger Kitchen, St Pauls, City of London

Location: Ahh, ubiquitous GBK, how we love you. An absolute staple restaurant for burger lovers, the Gourment Burger Kitchen situated by St. Paul's Cathedral is the backdrop for a good burger. Visited this New Zealand outpost with Anthony, for an executive lunch and as usual it didn't disappoint.


My Avocado Bacon burger was presented 'bun-on' with a stick through the burger to hold it all together. Served on its own with no plate accompaniments, my burger seemed a little lonely. However a separate plate followed with a bowl of chips and a bowl of onion rings (@ £3 a bowl), which made the table appear less empty.

Obviously putting aside that there was no bacon/cheese option, I plumped for the avacado bacon topping, which included some round lettuce, a slice of beef tomato, a couple of pieces of red onion, chopped (well creamed) avacado, a couple of rashers of smoked streaky bacon and WAY TOO MUCH tomato salsa. The combination was good, and

Thumbs up! Although the bun looked a little generic, this was a soft yet firm sesame roll and was surprisingly hardy, allowing two-handed eating with no disintegration.

A great aberdeen angus beef patty. Cooked medium-rare (as I'd ordered, and Anthony's was medium as ordered!) the beef was flavoursome and meaty.

Plate Accessories:
None. Although the bowl of chips, the chips were of a very poor, school canteen-like quality, but the onion rings were onion-y, crispy and really good.

Overall rating:

I haven't rated this down for not having bacon and cheese, however this didn't get top marks as the chips were £3 extra and terrible, and there was too much tomato salsa in the topping to work perfectly - however full marks for the quality of beef, and the choice of bun. A respectable 7/10 for GBK St Paul's.

Honourable mention: As I was lunching with a friend, it would be remiss of me not to mention that his BBQ Burger had a fabulous bbq sauce that was a cut above your usual. If bbq is your thing, this is the burger for you at GBK.

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