Monday 22 August 2016

Preview: UK National Burger Day 2016

The UK's National Burger Day should, in my view, be a national holiday. What better way to celebrate hundreds of thousands of people coming together in a celebration of juicy, coarsely ground beef in a bun? Well we're not getting a national holiday (boo) but instead we have a Bermondsey-based burger party, hosted by Street Feast at Hawker House, bringing together some of the UK's best burger talent.'s your primer for National Burger Day 2016 and a selection of what you're going to get.

The menu:

Bill or Beak.
Filled bun specialists Bill or Beak will be serving up their ever popular rolls. Here's the "Bill" to whet your appetite - no preview shot of their Fried Chicken Biscuit!
Photo credit @mrjbarker
Bleecker St. Burger
Hailing from across the pond, Bleecker Burger founder Zan and the team have been experimenting on a special burger which includes a melted American cheese. Cheesy.

B.O.B's Lobster
The folks at Street Feast stalwart B.O.B.'s Lobster are once again kicking it at National Burger Day with their souped up special. The composition is a fried calamari butter burger, and here's their preview. Looking good! 

Burger & Beyond vs Burger Gang
One of a couple of collaborations going on at National Burger Day this year. This good looking beast from burger slingers Burger & Beyond and burger mad Burger Gang, brings together a 90-day aged patty, pancetta-style bacon, cold smoked American cheese and marrownaise....I know!

Busan BBQ
Korean street food specialists Busan BBQ are hitting up National Burger Day with a buzzing Asian special. It combines an aged patty from Quality Chop, charred kimchi, mustard pickled onions, ssamjang mayo and American cheese. Burger porn below!!

Chuck Burger
Starting life in Hatch End, Chuck Burger has come on the scene hard, serving up Cheeseburgers the way they taste stateside. At National Burger Day they're showcasing a special burger they're calling the Firestarter. It comprises a 28-day dry aged beef patty, grilled onions, diced gherkins, American cheese, pancetta bacon, fermented red chilli mayo, and a green jalapeno salsa. Spicy!

Dip & Flip
The perennial favourite from the guys in South West London - Dip & Flip is all about beef, gravy and runny cheese. And if it ain't broke, why fix it?! Their National Burger Day offering will therefore be familiar but with a hit of green chilli. Awesome.

Le Bun
The talented Le Bun folks appear in tantalisingly short residencies across London. And wherever Le Bun are, so too are great burgers. And yes, they're here for National Burger Day and sporting their take on that classic McDonalds Big Mac - Le Mac. Patriotic!

Lucky Chip
This has been one of my favourite burger joints since day dot when they started in Netil Market. Lucky Chip are going to be joining the party with their Dirk Diggler burger. An eye-poppingly meaty combination of 35-day aged longhorn beef topped with braised beef short rib, American cheese, pickled coleslaw, Sriracha Kewpie mayo & spicy BBQ sauce. Juicy.

Almost a guaranteed fixture at National Burger Day, the guys at MotherFlipper are going to be here again offering up two of their classics: the candy double bacon flipper; and a double up version with 28-day aged Angus chuck, glazed bun, ketchup, mustard, red onion, pickle, American cheese and a huge helping of bacon fried in maple syrup. Word.

Petare vs Temper
You know it's going to get awesome when chef Neil Rankin is involved, and so it is with his new restaurant, Temper, combining with Venezuelan street food outfit Petare. They're putting together a 50/50 chuck/mutton burger patty, grilled Provolone cheese and mustard pickles wrapped in a Venezuelan arapa. Boom.

No preview pic, so here's something outrageous from Bad Egg instead.

Smokestak are also going to be there, banging out the BBQ meat too, along with Crumbs and Dollies and Chin Chin Labs serving up desserts.

And as if you needed anything else to push your excitement levels through the roof, here's my video of National Burger Day at Battersea. Enjoy.

So that's what you'll get if you're able to make it to the party - otherwise you'll just have to keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for glorious, glorious burger porn. 

They are also discounts available from more than 900 restaurants across the UK - check out the official National Burger Day 2016 website and download your voucher for 20% off.
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