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  1. I recommend Woodburry in Abbey Ave. They have continental burgers in recipe. One is the Aussie burger from lamb that is fresh from an australian meat company.

  2. does anyone know under what circumstances i can cook my burger pink?

    if i buy supermarket steak and food process it? or do i need to go to a reputable butcher like ginger pig?

    ( i thought science was bacteria on outside of steak only, but surely mincing mixed bacterias up too)

    i love rare to med rare burgers and steak but nervous making it at home

    ive never had food poisoning and think i have a strong stomach so should i not care so much?

  3. I stumble accross a pub in south east London called the Amersham Arms nearby Goldsmith's university. The place looks a bit run down but the menu really got my attention as they had funny names for the burgers.Me and my mate decided to give it a try and it was one the best burger i've ever had in london. so tasty, great flavours and the portion was massive but best yet was the price £ 8.5 for a monster of a burger. they also had barbecue stuff and hot dogs. worth to travel the distance.


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