Monday 31 August 2015

New York Burger Tour in 36 hours

It’s not every day you get to play in New York and eat great burgers. But I had that chance very recently when I was travelliong to Washington D.C. with work and took the opportunity to spend a day and a half, a mere 36 hours, in NYC. I hopped onto AirBnB and booked myself into a flat in the heart of Greenwich Village (right on MacDougal Street, and a stone’s throw from Bleecker St.) arriving around midnight on Friday.

Inevitably I was stoked about being able to try out some of the New York burgers on my bucket list and with a host of recommendations from Fred Smith, Zan Kaufman, and Will Leigh (not to mention numerous others) I had a hard job picking and choosing.

This is where my recommendations took me:

Monday 24 August 2015

National Burger Day UK - 27 August 2015

National Burger Day is my wet dream. It's the UK's celebration of burgers that happens every year on 27 August, first launching in 2013.

For a burger blogger everyday is celebration of burgers, but National Burger Day brings a nation together over everyone's favourite comfort food and it's really kicking off at Dalston Yard where 18 burger joints are selling their wares for your pleasure.

Here they are:

Tickets sold out pretty quickly, but the good news for the rest of you is that Mr Hyde have negotiated a 20% discount with some serious burger slingers across the UK on the day in question - check out a restaurant near you and download a voucher to get involved:

Here's last year's video to get excited about.

I wrote about National Burger Day in 2013 here, and in 2014 here. Careful, there's burger porn involved.

Monday 10 August 2015

[Recipe] The Big Brunch Burger

I was up late the other day, it was about 10am so too late for breakfast, but I was hungry. The weather was nice. I had an urge to get a grill on but it wasn't time for lunch. So the Big Brunch Burger happened.
I've also submitted it in the Ladbrokes BBQ Bingo Challenge - so you can vote for my recipe here.

This recipe serves four. Or two really hungover people.

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