Tuesday 30 July 2013

Hamburger Me! launches Kasun London designed Burger Cufflinks

Inspired by the humble hamburger, yours truly and Kasun London have collaborated to create a pair of beautiful handmade burger cufflinks!
Burger cufflinks from Hamburger Me! and Kasun London

Monday 22 July 2013

[Review] Giant Robot Burger, Clerkenwell Road

"Oh God, there's a GIANT ROBOT on Clerkenwell Road."

"Ha ha, Steve, very funny."

This, unfortunately, was the precursor to my second visit to Giant Robot. Part of the stable of restaurants that incorporate RedHook and Rotary Bar and Diner, Giant Robot is located on Clerkenwell Road just behind Farringdon Station.
Giant Robot Rotary Burger
Giant Robot Rotary Burger

Tuesday 9 July 2013

[Burger & Wine Pairing] Cheeseburger Red from Rootstock Cellars

Following on from my Burger and Wine pairing post, where I outline the basics of matching the burger you're eating to grape varietals, I've started a regular feature on pairing specific wines to homemade burgers so you can replicate the experience at home.

The first wine I've got for you is an aptly named 'Cheeseburger Red' from Rootstock Cellars in California. The winery team there very kindly sent me a bottle to try. It's designed as a full-bodied red wine aiming to achieve perfect harmony when chowing down on an American cheeseburger.
Cheeseburger Red from Rootstock Cellars
Cheeseburger vs Cheeseburger Red

Tuesday 2 July 2013

[Burger News] Five Guys come to Covent Garden, London

Shortly after the announcement that Danny Meyer's Shake Shack are opening up in Covent Garden, London, cult American burger restaurant Five Guys Burgers and Fries dropped their bombshell - they'd also rented space at 1-3 Long Acre in Covent Garden and are opening the DAY BEFORE Shake Shack. And so the invasion is officially on...
Five Guys Long Acre Covent Garden London

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