Sunday 16 January 2011

7/10 - The Ultimate Burger, New Oxford Street, London

Location: This aptly named restaurant is located on New Oxford Street, between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road tube stations. Optimistically named The Ultimate Burger, it's actually not a bad attempt at a burger joint 

Presented with the generally ubiquitous wooden stick through the bun to hold it all together. I ordered the 'blue cheese' which incorporated a stilton-esque sauce, and portobello mushrooms on top of an alleged 'scottish beef' burger. Bun was a sour dough sesame seed job, and there was also some salad-y bits and relish included. Chips and onion rings ordered and came separately.

Pretty good. Blue cheese sauce was a little 'gloopy' but very mature and tasty, and the grilled portobello mushrooms have a wonderful, earthy flavour. The salad was fine, not limp and tasted fairly fresh.

A quite nice sour dough bun, not as fresh as it could have been, but held the burger together well (actually quite hard to get my mouth around it!). 

Pretty good, although the menu stated scottish beef but I wasn't so sure, the flavour was good, but it wasn't aberdeen angus. The meat was cooked slightly pink which meant it was moist and juicy.

Plate Accessories:
Nothing. Came on its own and chips and onion rings came in a separate bowl. Looked a little lonely, but it was a decent sized burger!

Overall rating: 7/10

A good burger, let down by the freshness of the bun and the spurious 'scottish' beef claims (I'm a marketer, and I want to see provenance!). The Ultimate Burger is a hard name to live up to and in my view it just doesn't have that wow factor, but otherwise a good, solid burger experience.

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