Monday 22 September 2014

[Interview] Tom Barton, co-founder of Honest Burgers on philosophy, British burgers and his role

In his trademark jeans and t-shirt, Tom Barton, co-founder of Honest Burgers announces the latest Honest Burgers special to a gathered audience of diners. He's about as unassuming as they come when you look at restaurant owners in London - they tend to either be super talented chefs with some serious financial backing, or ex-bankers/lawyers/accountants who have the cash and want to do something different.
But Tom is neither and yet as co-founder of Honest Burgers, he's now sitting on an estate of seven burger restaurants - some of the most highly rated and popular with burger fans within London and beyond - so I sat down with him (and a beer or two) for the launch of their latest gluten free special - a fantastic Spanish flavoured burger with GF Romanesco, grilled lomo and Spanish cheese - to catch up with him on the Honest story.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

[Review] K-Town Burger from Ben's Canteen, St John's Hill

Ben's Canteen is one of those places that instantly makes you feel at home. Those in the know (and living close to and around St John's Hill will be familiar with the blue awning leading into the reclaimed and stripped back wood interior.

The first site opened in 2011, and I reviewed it during their soft launch period, and then again once they'd made a few changes to the burger couple of times (and was even invited to graffiti their toilets), so it was with great pleasure that I headed back to try a brand new burger, inspired by the tastes of Korea...

Thursday 4 September 2014

[Review] Bobo Social, Charlotte Street: Burgers and small plates

Bobo Social on Charlotte Street is a grey and white bastion of King's Road chic on a road of identical terraces and lifeless offices. It launched in August 2014 and serves a selection of burgers and small plates.

Time to take a closer look at the burger...

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