Biggest Burgers in London

Following hot on the tail of the burger renaissance in the UK - and fuelled by the popularity of Man vs Food - the burger challenges cometh. These are some of the biggest burgers you can get your chops around (or not) in London. It's a non-exhaustive list in no particular order - so let me know if you know of a challenge. Oh, and time to starve yourself...

1. MotherFlipper 30oz Burger
30oz MotherFlipper Burger from street food outfit MotherFlipper
From street food outfit MotherFlipper comes this 30oz cheese and beef-laden goliath. Its made of 10 3oz smashed patties (100% English chuck) with American cheese melted onto every layer. It's sandwiched between a standard sized glazed brioche bun and garnished with MotherFlipper's usual cheeseburger sauce, salad, and gherkins.

10 rashers of candy bacon can be added to make this monster even more intimidating. Make sure you stock up on the napkins before you attempt it!


2. Burger Bear's Picnic
Burger Bear Burger Challenge - Burger Bear's Picnic
Burger Bear is a regular at Red Market, Old Street, and he's created a 5 patty monster burger challenge. It's called the Burger Bear's Picnic and comes in at £20. In his words, "To the winner - eternal food glory, t-shirt, free meal, and your picture on the famewall." 

So what the hell are you waiting for...

3. The 32oz Red Iron Burger
32oz burger from TedIron Burgers Uxbridge
Red Iron Burgers, on Uxbridge High Street, have created a huge burger challenge of their own. It's 32oz of matured beef, stuffed with four kinds of cheese, topped with homemade red onion jam, pickles, four rashers of bacon and encased in 500g of wholemeal bun, all layered with homemade garlic mayonnaise and red iron sauce. It also includes a pile of onion rings and fried gherkins. Get some.

4. GoldieHops and the Three Bears
Thirsty Bear Burger Challenge Waterloo. Goldiehops & The Three Bears
The Thirsty Bear on Stamford St, offers up a twist in the burger challenge stakes - not one but THREE burgers need to be taken down, along with 2 portions of chips, and 2 pints of Meantime Pale Ale. That's 4.5 pounds of burger finished in 1 hour. If you finish it, it's free, if not you get rewarded by having to fork out £60. 

5. Red Dog Saloon Devastator Burger
Red Dog Saloon Devastator Burger
From Hoxton's Square's Red Dog Saloon comes the The Devastator Burger. Consisting three 6oz patties, 200g pulled pork,6 rashers of bacon and 6 slices of American cheese, this is 3,000 calories of burger for just shy of £20. My recommendation would be to do this for the challenge, rather than the quality of the burger...

6. The Beast
The Beast burger from Blacks
Saving the biggest until last, the Beast is as unappetizing as it looks. This burger challenge from Burgers by Blacks in Purley, Croyden is the self-proclaimed Biggest Burger in Europe, and weighs in at a massive 7 POUNDS of Angus beef, not to mention bacon, cheese, tomatoes, a whole lettuce and the massive bun that goes with it. To get it for free, you need to take the whole thing down in 1 hour, or you pay £60. Try not to retch on more than a kilo of dry bun...

Have you taken down a burger challenge, do you know of one NOT on this list - let me know in the comments below.


  1. The Red Iron looks tasty.

  2. Anonymous16 May, 2013

    I've got to say, I disagree with the review of the Devastator at Red Dog. Really enjoyed it when I was there. Not as good as somewhere like Patty and Bun, but still a top end burger nonetheless.

  3. lol at the beast.

  4. Grotesque that anyone would attempt to eat that much food. Let alone comment on the taste.


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