Tuesday 30 May 2017

[Review] Saucy Chip at Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen, Rathbone Place

Festival food turned Fitzrovia kitchen residency Saucy Chip popped up on my radar courtesy of their PR bods a few weeks ago. Launching very softly earlier this year the sauce-focused comfort food outfit has slowly been building a following among the local creative crowds - and is putting a few smiles on faces of people in the know.

Based out of basement venue, The Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen on Rathbone Place (hop-skip-jump from Oxford St. and Tottenham Court Road) not only can you get your fix of sweet nourishing American-style diner food with a trolley of sauces to satisfy you wildest condiment desires, but the beers are crafty and the bar is suitably low key too.

Here's my take on what they have to offer.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Bleecker Burger in Victoria - Review

Fronting in plain sight between a minicab company and a betting shop and directly opposite a neon and glass fronted Shake Shack at the north end of Victoria station, Bleecker Burger's new permanent location in Victoria is as brilliant as you'd expect.

Seven weeks after the big launch (on 27 January 2017), I bumped into Zan (Bleecker's founder) while sampling the classics from their new kitchen.

Iconic. The 4ft high mounted cut-out of Bleecker's logo takes pride of place on the bare walls.

Triple threat. Bacon double cheeseburger. Angry Fries. Black & white milkshake.

A bit like Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way.

Gratuitous close up. THAT cheese. THAT bacon. THAT sauce...

So business is good at Bleecker, and so it should be the way they're serving up these burgers. Really pleased to see that quality hasn't suffered with expansion too. Keep the good work folks :)

Friday 20 January 2017

Chicken Burgers from Meat the Chef - Broadgate Circle

Every now and then (and less frequently these days than I'd like) I discover a new burger venture that I hadn't previously experienced. Meat the Chef, a fried chicken specialist, has been serving out of a hatch in their trailer for over a year, and I stumbled across them in Broadgate Circle (Liverpool Street), just the other day.

They rotate with other recent additions to the Broadgate Circle street food group - Eat the Farm [review of their great Dirty Cow burger here]. But this one is all about chicken, so here's my run down on what Meat the Chef have to offer.
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