Wednesday 24 October 2012

[Review] Burgers and Lobsters, actually Just Burgers

Burger. Burger. Burger. Burger. Lobster. Burger.

The people behind Goodman (check out my review of the Goodman burger, which currently sits in my Top 10 London Burgers), have given London the Burger & Lobster chain. 
The Burger at Burger & Lobster
20 quid's worth of Burger at Burger & Lobster
So, does the Burger & Lobster Burger stand up in its own right, or even up to the Goodman burger? For context in the 'Over £20' category for burger and chips we currently have the dire and terrible Gaucho Burger ...let's find out how B&L fares.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

[Pop-Up] The Day In-N-Out Burger Came to London...well, Hendon.

It must be a joke, right? I mean, it MUST be.
In-N-Out in Hendon
In-N-Out, cult burger joint from the West coast of America with the iconic red and yellow arrow logo, who haven't even made it to the East coast, wouldn't do a pop-up in London, right?

And definitely not for just 4 hours, right?

And if they did, it certainly wouldn't be in a greasy spoon called Florence Cafe, on Vivian Avenue, in Hendon, right?

WRONG. They did. I went. And it was glorious.

Wednesday 10 October 2012

[Review] Bleecker Street Burger

Since July, team Bleecker St. Burger have been serving up some of London's cheapest street food burgers from their black and silver truck, popping up all over the capital in places like the Exhibition Road festival, Eat St. and most recently at Kerb nr. King's Cross where I FINALLY managed to catch up with them...
Bleecker Street Burger - Double Cheeseburger
Make mine a DOUBLE.
Named after Bleecker St. in NYC, these guys know their shit when it comes to good quality, simple burgers - in fact there are only three burgers on the menu. The Cheeseburger, the Double Cheeseburger, and the Tofu Veggie Burger. Scratch that. There are only two burgers on the menu, and I had them both.

Friday 5 October 2012

Wednesday 3 October 2012

[Launch] Sliders and Hot Dogs from The Shoreditch Butchery

The Shoreditch Butchery is located off Old Street, on the site of XOYO, and is the latest venture by Columbo Group, which also own a few individual venues dotted about London. 
Slider Trio (pic courtesy of dave_rowlinson)
It launched on Wednesday 26 September and so I sent some Burger Me! fans down to check out the vibe. In (more or less) their words, here’s the low-down:

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