Interactive Burger Map

Way back in 2011 (June 2011, to be precise) I launched London's first Burger Map - plotting the adventures I've had  on Hamburger Me! to create a point and click resource for London's resident (and visiting) burger lovers. The aim was to ensure anyone looking for a great burger was clued up on the best places to go, and the places to avoid, when searching for a nice bit of meat between their buns...

More than two years (and 30,000+ visitors) later, and I feel it's time for a revamp. So what could make the original map even better? To put it simply, interactivity. You can now browse my London Burger Map by three main categories:RATING:
Filter by the well known, and trusted, Hamburger Me! burger rating system that ranks all London's burgers on a scale of 0-10.

Looking for a great burger in your area? Browse by location and voila - instant gratification!

Know your Meat Win from your Bun Fail? Search by tag and discover a burger made to meet your needs.

Note: The map combines filters, so click 'Reset' to clear you selection and choose another set of criteria.

MORE ON THE BLOG: Find out about how I rate my burgers...


  1. Hey dude, I love your blog and I have eaten burgers based upon many of your reviews in the past! But there's a distinct lack of burgers on your map in the East End!!! So I thought I'd make a recommendation, I went to a pub called The White Hart (Mile End Road) with my man, the beef burger there was pretty damn epic, and my partner had the pork burger which was equally as delish. Would definitely be worth checking out! Happy eating!

    1. I think that apart from the free ad anybody who manages to put in a sentence the words delish, epic and dude should be fired on the spot or condemned to learn again English whatever is more painful....

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2014

    Food Market at Wood Wharf today
    Cant wait to see what Burger stands they have
    if none expect a Riot
    Big Bad OX

  3. Thank you very much for your work!!!
    I''m from Italy and I will visit london in october!!! thank youuuu

  4. Ben's Canteen in Battersea should be reviewed. Their posh chicken burger is to die for!


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