Monday, 31 August 2015

New York Burger Tour in 36 hours

It’s not every day you get to play in New York and eat great burgers. But I had that chance very recently when I was travelliong to Washington D.C. with work and took the opportunity to spend a day and a half, a mere 36 hours, in NYC. I hopped onto AirBnB and booked myself into a flat in the heart of Greenwich Village (right on MacDougal Street, and a stone’s throw from Bleecker St.) arriving around midnight on Friday.

Inevitably I was stoked about being able to try out some of the New York burgers on my bucket list and with a host of recommendations from Fred Smith, Zan Kaufman, and Will Leigh (not to mention numerous others) I had a hard job picking and choosing.

This is where my recommendations took me:

Monday, 24 August 2015

National Burger Day UK - 27 August 2015

National Burger Day is my wet dream. It's the UK's celebration of burgers that happens every year on 27 August, first launching in 2013.

For a burger blogger everyday is celebration of burgers, but National Burger Day brings a nation together over everyone's favourite comfort food and it's really kicking off at Dalston Yard where 18 burger joints are selling their wares for your pleasure.

Here they are:

Tickets sold out pretty quickly, but the good news for the rest of you is that Mr Hyde have negotiated a 20% discount with some serious burger slingers across the UK on the day in question - check out a restaurant near you and download a voucher to get involved:

Here's last year's video to get excited about.

I wrote about National Burger Day in 2013 here, and in 2014 here. Careful, there's burger porn involved.

Monday, 10 August 2015

[Recipe] The Big Brunch Burger

I was up late the other day, it was about 10am so too late for breakfast, but I was hungry. The weather was nice. I had an urge to get a grill on but it wasn't time for lunch. So the Big Brunch Burger happened.
I've also submitted it in the Ladbrokes BBQ Bingo Challenge - so you can vote for my recipe here.

This recipe serves four. Or two really hungover people.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

[Competition] Win two breakfast burgers from Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster, the Goodman sister brand that pairs luxury with comfort, has launched a new range of breakfast burgers at Threadneedle Street in the city. And yours truly gets to give two away as part of Great Little Place, London's Burger Week.
Here's the official line from Burger & Lobster

"Burger & Lobster DOES MORNINGS!

We travelled the world to find great farmers and what we consider to be some of the best beef in the world. Our 6oz Baby Burgers are 100% Nebraskan Angus Steak made from 3 cuts; Chuck, Tri Tip & Brisket. We also use our own recipe for the brioche bun. Comes with cheese and a soft poached egg. Dish served with beans and hash browns!

Exclusive to our Threadneedle Street restaurant as part of our Breakfast Menu."

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning?

It's pretty simple. Just tweet "#BurgerWeekBreakfastBurgerBonanza" and mention @glpLondon and @burger_lobster on Twitter. Simples.

Winner drawn first thing on Sunday 26 July. G'luck.

COMP NOW CLOSED - congratulations to the winners!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

[Special] The Freddar Dawg Burger from Byron Hamburgers

Unless you've been under a stone for the last week or so, you can't have helped but hear about the latest special from Byron Hamburgers. The Freddar Dawg.
Simply put, it's the usual 6oz Byron hamburger, chopped in half and stuffed into a big demi-brioche hot dog bun. Topped with crispy bacon, mustard mayo, and pickles. There's melted American cheese on top and underneath there's an iceberg, Byron sauce, chopped onion 'slaw. It reminds me of the Uncle Sam, but with a greater depth of flavour. And bacon.

It's the first burger in a while that's put a smile on my face. The custom-made (more on that in a minute) American cheese is Fred Smith at his oh-so-very best, and the classic flavour combination of bacon, pickles, mustard mayonnaise and iceberg lettuce is a delight.
The cheese is actually a custom made job, combining Italian Parmesan (Grana Padano), mature cheddar, and Red Leicester (for colour), and it melts in festoons over the patties. As you can imagine, the flavours are deeply moreish and it has a pleasing stickiness on the palate, too. And so the Freddar in the Freddar Dawg is obviously a play on cheddar....
All I can say is that this burger is tried, tested, and Hamburger Me! recommended so make sure you get your chops around one in the next couple of months. Available at all Byron restaurants and priced at £10.95.

Read about the other Byron specials I've reviewed below:

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Burgers at Shake Shack, Covent Garden: The Definitive Guide

Shake Shack is one of the world’s most prestigious fast food chains, and it’s location in Covent Garden’s Jubilee Market is in one of London’s highest footfall locations. Founded by famous American restaurateur Danny Meyer, it slow, inexorable expansion from NY hot dog cart to global upmarket burger and hot dog chain has been carefully planned and deliberately executed. I wrote previously about Shake Shack's opening in July 2013 here.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

[Burger Tour] Burgers in Copenhagen

With last week’s burger tour in Oslo still fresh on the palate, my next visit to Scandinavia takes me to Copenhagen – home to 1.5million Danes and arguably the most progressive of the Scandic bloc (although the Swedes, Finns, and Norwegians would disagree, I’m sure).
Arriving into Copenhagen airport in strong winds, horizontal rain, and darkened cloudy skies – it’s not the most conducive conditions for a walking burger tour of the city, but that’s why I’m here, so off we go.

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