Monday, 13 October 2014

[Review] Bukowski Grill burgers at Boxpark Shoreditch

Bukowski Grill is one of those places that's been around for ages, but I've always had better options and somehow never managed to go. It's located in Boxpark in Shoreditch, a retail park made up of fitted out and customised shipping containers situated between Shoreditch, Hoxton and Liverpool Street.

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Burger Democracy - voting for the best burger in London

Andy Shora is a developer at a Digital Agency in London, and has seen his fair share of arguments at work, and further afield, over which burger can be given the accolade of "Best in London". So he built an app to democratize the debate: The City Awards, London.

Andy: " I wanted to put all these opinions together, only taking into account people's number one choice, and having got frustrated with the traditional mass-review-style sites, I wanted to build something really fun to use which would be quick and easy for customers sitting at burger joints to vote for their favourite."

So it's a burger democracy - ultimately with the aim being to build a map of London's favourite places, voted for by the people who live there. It's been built to be mobile and touch-friendly, so you can still use it with a greasy screen...I know I get carried away sometimes.

Andy's favourite is Patty & Bun, who are topping the charts at the moment - so if you agree or disagree - get voting! At the end of the year the winning venue will be presented with a physical trophy which they can show off with pride!

Monday, 22 September 2014

[Interview] Tom Barton, co-founder of Honest Burgers on philosophy, British burgers and his role

In his trademark jeans and t-shirt, Tom Barton, co-founder of Honest Burgers announces the latest Honest Burgers special to a gathered audience of diners. He's about as unassuming as they come when you look at restaurant owners in London - they tend to either be super talented chefs with some serious financial backing, or ex-bankers/lawyers/accountants who have the cash and want to do something different.
But Tom is neither and yet as co-founder of Honest Burgers, he's now sitting on an estate of seven burger restaurants - some of the most highly rated and popular with burger fans within London and beyond - so I sat down with him (and a beer or two) for the launch of their latest gluten free special - a fantastic Spanish flavoured burger with GF Romanesco, grilled lomo and Spanish cheese - to catch up with him on the Honest story.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

[Review] K-Town Burger from Ben's Canteen, St John's Hill

Ben's Canteen is one of those places that instantly makes you feel at home. Those in the know (and living close to and around St John's Hill will be familiar with the blue awning leading into the reclaimed and stripped back wood interior.

The first site opened in 2011, and I reviewed it during their soft launch period, and then again once they'd made a few changes to the burger couple of times (and was even invited to graffiti their toilets), so it was with great pleasure that I headed back to try a brand new burger, inspired by the tastes of Korea...

Thursday, 4 September 2014

[Review] Bobo Social, Charlotte Street: Burgers and small plates

Bobo Social on Charlotte Street is a grey and white bastion of King's Road chic on a road of identical terraces and lifeless offices. It launched in August 2014 and serves a selection of burgers and small plates.

Time to take a closer look at the burger...

Monday, 25 August 2014

National Burger Day, UK - 27 August 2014

The UK's National Burger Day 2014 took place on 27 August 2014, and I was lucky enough to be invited to a celebration of burgers orgainsed by My Hyde and Tweat Up at Battersea Power Station.

Here's a short film I've put together all about the evening:

This year at the National Burger Day event, I had the chance to try five of the 12 burgers on offer, here's how it went down:

Bleecker St. Burger: Created the Pizza Burger. 50-day aged beef patty, melted mozzarella, Marinara sauce, shaved Parmesan, basil mayonnaise and some grated red pepper flakes all wrapped in a sesame seed bun.

Byron (Fred Smith): Created the Shady burger. This is the a 3oz version of the normal Byron beef patty with crispy cheese, pickle relish, american cheese, chopped white onions and ketchup.

Dirty Burger: Created the Mini Swiss burger. Beef, Swiss Cheese, Mushroom on a bed of chopped lettuce ketchup and mustard mayo.

HotBox: Created the Smokey Bandit, Dry Aged chuck and rib patty, smoked beef rib, Monterey Jack, Chipotle & slaw, spicy bbq dripping & chimichurri. It's a brilliant smokey BBQ burger

Breddos (Slider Bar): Served up the Short Rib slider. A mix of 10-hour smoked chipotle short rib with an aged beef and bone marrow patty

Others that I didn't get a taste of on the night (due to large queues and some places running out) were:
  • B.O.B.’s Burgers
  • Club Gascon (Pascal Aussignac)
  • Dip & Flip
  • Disco Bistro
  • Le Bun
  • Mother Flipper
  • Roti Chai

Can you believe it was just a year ago that the UK held its inaugural National Burger Day?

Championed by the lovely people at Shortlist / Mr Hyde, National Burger Day in the UK is a celebration of the hamburger. A day where we can throw our diets (who am I kidding) aside and bathe in the glory of a juicy patty wrapped in a soft and supple bun.

National Burger Day 2014 features more than 300 burger restaurants and chains across the country, who are offering 20% off burgers for the whole day. You can find out more on who's participating by visiting Mr Hyde's dedicated microsite and searching for a restaurant.

In London, we're a bit lucky, as Mr Hyde are hosting a festival of burgers at Battersea Power Station with a host of fantastic burger slingers, booze, picklebacks and more in the evening. There's also the inaugural Car-B-Q - a twist on the classic BBQ with London's cabbies cooking burgers on the engines of the iconic black cabs. Awesome.

And there's more. I'm going to be running a Nationa Burger Day competition, to win a pair of gold-plated burger cufflinks. Designed by the hugely talented Kasun London, who have two ranges in the shops currently, these are a super desirable accessory. One lucky winner will receive a pair of gold-plated burger cufflinks in a luxury jewellery box - keep your eyes peeled for details!

Just to get your tastebuds tingling, here's a quick taster of what went down at National Burger Day 2013:

Monday, 18 August 2014

[Review] Original Fry Up Material burger at Three Compasses Dalston.

Original Fry Up Material, OFM for short, are doing some seriously good things with burgers. Known for their mobile street food ambulance, and for serving some of the most banging breakfasts (not to mention sausage and egg muffins) London has to offer, they've been around since the end of 2012.
It's only natural, then, with breakfast success under their belts, that their attention would turn to burgers in the form of a residency in the 3 Compasses pub in Dalston...and that's where this burger story begins...

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