Thursday 30 December 2010

8.5/10 - SOS, Smithfields Market, City of London

Location: A city institution, Smith of Smithfields (SOS) is owned by celebrity chef John Torode. Located near Farringdon in Smithfield Market, this industrial-themed restaurant serves food over four floors, and includes a private dining room.

What the menu said:
‘Smiths’10oz Beef Burger, Mature Cheddar, Old Spot Bacon & Tomato Chutney


Good. Beef, bacon and cheese all 'slapped' on in an artistic mess, demonstrating the homemade qualities of the burger.

Very good. Old Spot bacon very meaty and salty, but not crispy. Cheddar was mature, but I would say extra mature as it was a little strong for my tastes.

Ok. A good seasame-seeded bun that was fresh and flavoursome, but it did crumble a little around the burger during the meal, so points lost slightly for that.

Very good. A rare, handmade burger, lightly juicy, not too fatty and full of flavour. I wouldn't be surprised if the beef had been hung for 28 days.

Plate Accessories: 
Good. A decent portion of chunky chips in a separate tub with greaseproof paper, homemade mayo and sea salt.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

This was a great burger, only let down by the bread and the strength of the cheese. Recommend a visit to Smith of Smithfields, although the burger is on the pricey side at £13.50.

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