Friday 24 December 2010

Burger Me! Five Criteria I Use to Rate my Burgers

As I undertake my voyage of burger discovery across London, I have developed 5 criterial for rating any burger I consume. The combination of these elements will feed into my overall score for the meal. I have purposely broken down the elements of the burger into its constituent parts, so each component is looked at in detail as, and I am sure you will agree, a burger is only as good as the sum of its parts!

So what are the criteria I'll be using?

Presentation: This rates how the burger is presented on the plate. Is the layout well thought out, how are the burger and bun presented, and how is it accessorised?

Toppings: Toppings are very important in the hunt for the perfect burger. Is the salad crisp or limp, how melted is the cheese, how fatty is the bacon, is the egg overcooked? No matter what the burger is topped with, it is rated for how well it combines with the meat.

Bread: The bun is the all too often overlooked aspect of a burger. Sadly most restaurants see this as an afterthought, but I rate on how well the bread stays together, how fresh it is, and how dry/moist it is.

Meat: Obviously the core of any good burger is the meat that goes into it. I'll be rating how its cooked,  consistency, flavour, quality, and taste. Mmmm...meat!

Plate Accessories: The final element of my patented '5 Burger Criteria' is how the plate is accessorised. While I don't rate how good the chips are, or the range of salad, I do comment on what is included and the portion size.

All of these elements lead me to an overall score, which is rated out of /10, so consume, digest and be sated on my London Burger blog. Remember I'm doing this all for you!

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