Wednesday 29 December 2010

9.5/10 - Match Bar, Clerkenwell Road, City of London

Location: On Clerkenwell Road, Between Farringdon and St. John Street.

What the menu said:
Match Burger - Signature Burger, cooked to your style, served with fries, bacon and cheese.


Good. Two halves of bun separated with burger, bacon and melted cheese on one side, the plain bun and chunky slice of beef tomato on the other half.

Excellent. Several meaty bacon slices with rinds off, clearly grilled as no residue grease or fat. The cheese was a light swiss variety that was lightly melted, but again not greasy. Single slice of chunky, flavoursome beef tomato.

Great! Simple ciabatta bap, but freshly baked so still warm, avoiding the usual trap of the bun disintegrating in the hand.

Very good. Cooked rare and clearly hign quality and low fat beef burger, homemade so not in a usual generic shape.

Plate Accessories: 
Good. A decent portion of hand-cut chunky chips served in a separate pot were light and crispy, served with homemade mayonnaise.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

This was the most amazing burger, combining all the essential elements, with a simple bun, tasty cheese and generous bacon, with a excellent quality beef. I would recommend this as a fabulous place to eat, however Match Clerkenwell has now shut down, although there is Match West End, the Clerkenwell restaurant will always have the edge (and fond memories) for me!

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