Tuesday 2 July 2013

[Burger News] Five Guys come to Covent Garden, London

Shortly after the announcement that Danny Meyer's Shake Shack are opening up in Covent Garden, London, cult American burger restaurant Five Guys Burgers and Fries dropped their bombshell - they'd also rented space at 1-3 Long Acre in Covent Garden and are opening the DAY BEFORE Shake Shack. And so the invasion is officially on...
Five Guys Long Acre Covent Garden London

Five Guys takes its name from the five brothers in the Murrell family, the chain's founders, and has 1000+ joints across the US. In fact, last year Forbes classed Five Guys as America's fastest growing restaurant, with 792% growth since 2006, and it doubled the number of stores since 2009. Now, under a joint venture with Charles Dunstone (of Carphone Warehouse fame) Five Guys are opening in London. 

So what can we expect?

Immediate cult status. 
Judging by the Five Guys UK twitter feed, there are a LOT of excited burger fans lining up to descend on the flagship Long Acre restaurant.

Better than McDonalds, cheaper than Wimpy
We're looking at £5-ish burgers here. With a choice of up to 15 toppings...for no extra charge, and so with one masterstroke a small burger menu can cater for thousands of different choices. Genius.

I got allergies, am I ok?
Well, everything is pretty PEANUT focused. You get peanuts to snack on, so best avoid those if you've got a peanut allergy...and the fries are blitzed in peanut oil but that should be ok, right?

Five Guys has plans to open more restaurants in London and beyond, but for now all eyes are focused on the Long Acre launch at 11am, fittingly on Independence Day - 4th July 2013.

I've never had a Five Guys burger, so I'll reserve judgement on quality and execution until I've taken one (or two) down.

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Oh, and Five Guys is also a favourite of US President Barack Obama...


  1. FIVE GUYYYYYYS. Their burgers are great (although In-n-Out will always be top American burger for me), but their FRIES. THEIR FRIES.

  2. Alex Gordo03 July, 2013

    That is good news :]


  3. Hugh Kenneth David09 July, 2013

    Oh dear, peanut oil. That's my and my friend Joe out. Will have to pass on trying out Five Guys. however great everyone says they are :-(

  4. Utter, utter, utter crap. I cannot stress enough how far you should go to not bother trying one of these shitty offerings. Do not try them, do not give them any of your hard earned money or these awful places will end up being everywhere.

  5. I tried 5 Guys out on Upper St in N1.The cheeseburger (double patty) was £8,with bacon an additional cost.The long selection of extras (all free,apart from the bacon) was a good touch,where the sweet mustard really stands out. Certainly filling and tasty,but without the option to tailor how the meat is cooked etc,I'd say £8 for a grab-and-go is a little overpriced.


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