Tuesday 30 July 2013

Hamburger Me! launches Kasun London designed Burger Cufflinks

Inspired by the humble hamburger, yours truly and Kasun London have collaborated to create a pair of beautiful handmade burger cufflinks!
Burger cufflinks from Hamburger Me! and Kasun London
The top bun is styled with sesame seed detail and links, with a chain running through the centre, to the bottom bun which is engraved with the Kasun London brandmark.

Hamburger Me: "These cufflinks reflect my passion for the humble hamburger and the impact it’s had on the London, and the UK’s, casual dining scene. When we settled on our final design and I received the first set I was super-excited - it’s awesome to see everything I’ve done with burgers to date distilled into this stunning piece of jewellery."

Kasun London: "When we first started working with Nick, it was clear he had massive enthusiasm for burgers and the burger scene – it inspired us to go through a few designs before we arrived at something simple, understated, yet making an impressive statement as an accessory. It’s what we love to do.”
The bottom 'bun' of the burger cufflink is a double ring.
The bottom 'bun' of the cufflink is a double ring. The outer engraved with Burger Me and the inner with the Kasun London brand mark.
These unique burger cufflinks have been more than 7 months in the conception, design, and making, and I'm really chuffed to have developed what we think is a cool, classy burger accessory to complement casual, dress, and business attire.

The cufflinks are available in four different finishes to suit all wallets, and have a 1.4cm base:
  • Silver-plated: £35 - (£40 with Kasun London box)
  • Silver-plated (rhodium): £50 - (£55 with Kasun London box)
  • 925 solid sterling silver: £85 - (£90 with Kasun London box)
  • 18 carat gold-plated: £120
Each pair of burger cufflinks is carefully handmade to order. We're holding limited stock of silver-plated and sterling silver pairs. For £5, each pair can also come in their own jewellery box and they can be ordered HERE.
All burger cufflinks come in a Kasun London jewellery box.
All cufflinks come in a Kasun London jewellery box.
Each burger cufflink is chain-linked.
Each cufflink is chain-linked.
Kasun London have a decade of experience working with leading jewellery and fashion brands. The team have just won the Lonmin Design Innovation Award, and were shortlisted for New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2013. Kasun London currently have one major collection available, Endless Beginnings, and will shortly be launching their God Loves Fangs range.

I like GOOOOOOOLD. The 18ct gold-plated burger cufflinks.
I like GOOOOOOOLD. The 18ct gold-plated cufflinks.

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