Tuesday 9 July 2013

[Burger & Wine Pairing] Cheeseburger Red from Rootstock Cellars

Following on from my Burger and Wine pairing post, where I outline the basics of matching the burger you're eating to grape varietals, I've started a regular feature on pairing specific wines to homemade burgers so you can replicate the experience at home.

The first wine I've got for you is an aptly named 'Cheeseburger Red' from Rootstock Cellars in California. The winery team there very kindly sent me a bottle to try. It's designed as a full-bodied red wine aiming to achieve perfect harmony when chowing down on an American cheeseburger.
Cheeseburger Red from Rootstock Cellars
Cheeseburger vs Cheeseburger Red

22% Petit Syrah
28% Syrah
50% Barbera
A Riedel Shiraz glass is the perfect vessel for this wine
A glass of the Cheeseburger Red
Steak rubbed ELSCo black label burgers just about to go on the BBQ. And a glass of the Cheeseburger Red! 
US only...for now. I had this bottle shipped to a friend's mum, for her to pick up when she went back for a visit to the States - convoluted, but I HAD to try it.


Pair it with
Hamburger topped with American Cheese

Tasting Notes
Cheeseburger Red is light garnet in the glass
Colour - Garnet
Nose - Cherry and blackberry, with a touch of spice
Palate - Smooth with rounded blackberry notes with hints of leather and tannin
Finish - Light and smooth, with a hint of tannin

I was expecting something more powerful, but the spicy syrah is tempered with the low tannin barbera grape making this wine light, smooth, and well-rounded - it's perfect for my aged ELSCo beef patty topped with a medium mature Canadian cheddar.
Another glass of Cheesburger Red
Elsco burgers resting before the topping off ceremony. And another glass of Cheesburger Red.
More information
Visit the Rootstock Cellars website: www.cheeseburgerred.com.
A bright, lively wine on the cork

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