Wednesday 28 November 2012

Patty and Bun Burger Bar, 54 James Street, W1U 1EU

Patty & Bun's effervescent proprietor, Joe, is back. But this time it's no fleeting pop-up, this time it's a permanent home for Patty & Bun on James Street, just North of Bond Street tube station. As Patty & Bun flew straight into my Top 10 best burgers in London list when he first popped up, this is exciting news indeed...
Patty & Bun Burger Bar - 54 James Street, London W1U 1EU
Patty & Bun Burger Bar - 54 James Street, London W1U 1EU
He's spent a fair bit of (mainly burger-fuelled) time researching and developing with a series of pop ups, the first being in The Doodle Bar, Battersea (review of the Patty & Bun Ari Gold burger here) with the help of Mark Jankel (founder of Street Kitchen), and the second one I went to in The Endurance, Soho (review of the Patty & Bun Smokey Robinson here).

'Ari Gold' baby!
'Ari Gold' baby!
Patty & Bun's Ari Gold burger
Patty & Bun's Ari Gold burger
Joe's aim is 'few things done as best as they can possibly be, rather than doing a number of things half assed', and he sources the best ingredients he can get his hands on. Patty & Bun's 54 James Street pad has about 30 seats/covers, and thankfully there's the option of  takeaway as well, so you'll be able to wait, grab your burger and be on your way.
The Patty & Bun space on St James Street.
The Patty & Bun space on St James Street.
For meat-heads, P&B's burger patties are a secret blend of 35-day aged, grass fed Aberdeen Angus beef, freshly ground every day. And for the fries (which are like fuckin' crack), they're triple cooked, with rosemary salt, as per previous pop-ups. But, as always with Joe, expect some surprises...!
Bareback Ari Gold burger
An off-menu 'bareback burger' - stripped back without any vegetation...
Drinks are a selection soft drinks, cult beers, including old school bottles of Red Stripe, Sam Adams beer, red and white wine, some spirits, and a cheeky 'Rum 'n' Ting'.

It will please London burger lovers that Patty & Bun's location is just around the corner from the much lauded (and Burger Me! Top 10 London Burger joint) MeatLiquor, and just a stone's throw from Tommi's Burger Joint, making this a stunning burger hotspot in the heart London - forget the Golden Arches, this is London's Golden Triangle.

I attended the soft launch, and if anything at Ari Gold is better than ever.

Patty and Bun launches on 30th November 2012 and I, for one, plan to spend a fair bit more time there!
Patty & Bun Livery

Check out Patty & Bun at 54 James Street, London W1U 1EU.


  1. Ate here last week after work. Mad busy vibe, people were queuing outside to get in, the main waiter bloke was a full on speed freak everybody's best mate type hipster dude, the beer was nice, the chips pretty addictive and the burger a huge let down. Far too sloppy - the bottom bun had eroded before I even picked the thing up, and I had to resort to the dreaded knife and fork to finish it. The burger (I refuse to call it a patty - what a stupid Americanised name, its a burger) itself was decent sized but didnt really taste of much and was completely overwhelmed by the added sauces. Meh.

  2. went last night. not too rammed. why would people queue more than 10 minutes? its only a burger.

    Agree with Bennyboy, that the bottom bun didnt hold up too well. plus one of the relishes was perhaps too sweet. waiting staff were nice enough. i prefer friendly to downright arrogance seen at some places.

    Thought the beef was tasty and nice and juicy. nice to have another burger option so will probably return

  3. Went along today, a Saturday, at 3pm - the service was friendly but disorganised, we went from having no waiting staff to having half finished bottles of beer snatched away from us.

    The burger itself was a let down, all I could taste was the sauce and the onions. I asked for bacon with the Ari and it was left out, not a great first impression. Chips were great, coleslaw is superb, the bun and condiments in the burger were delicious (never been so impressed by a tomato before!).

  4. Went today at 4.00pm. never had a sloppy burger (Ari Gold) before (I'm a classic cheeseburger man from way back) and aint having one again. The French invented sauces to disguise the bad taste of cheap meat. What the point of having a great piece of meat (not that the meat itself was particularly tasty) and then covering it in gunk (and there was MUCH too much sauce). Fries were great (better than Tommy burger round the corner) but much prefer the burger at Tommmy (and Hache and Byron). AND,,,they don't chill their soft drinks (not enough room in their fridge...which is full of beer they told me) and brought me a warm can of Coke with a glass filled with ice cubes. I explained that pouring warm coke over ice means and almost instantaneous loss of fizz due to rapid melting of ice and dilution of coke...which is totally unacceptable. Nice (really nice) staff but will not be returning

  5. This burger is 50% grease and gunk, and has no particular taste - not my thing.

  6. I have recently visited this establishment after your recommendation. OK burger but we had to wait half an hour in queue and meat was undercooked - meaning very watery to the point that i could not eat it comfortably as with each bite lot of water came out from the burger. Overall ok but not worth of making your way especially to visit it.


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