Friday 9 November 2012

Bar Boulud Piggie Burger: London Burger Roundup #10

We've hit double figures with our round up of London burgers from London burger loving readers of this blog, and this week we have the highly rated Piggie Burger from Bar Boulud!
Bar Bouluud London - Piggie Burger

Submitted by: Kerry L
Burger: Bar Bouluud Piggie Burger (The only burger worth having at Bar Boulud - read my review)
Location: Bar Boulud 
What did you think?: I know you had a hard time getting a photo of the Bar Boulud burgers, so I went for it with my DSLR - and indeed, a server immediately swooped in on me and told me, "Miss, photos are not encouraged here." Still, I think I got a pretty good shot - and the Piggy Burger was indeed outstanding!

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  1. Place to be visit like the Jimmyhulas of orlando.


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