Wednesday 7 November 2012

Lucky Chip revisited at The Sebright Arms

Lucky Chip has long sat in the top tier of my Top 10 list of the best burgers in London, and I've spent many happy hours spent chowing down on them both at Netil Market, and in The Sebright Arms
Lucky Chip's Kevin Bacon burger
Lucky Chip's Kevin Bacon burger
So I thought it was time to take another look at Lucky Chip at The Seabright Arms, and who better than burger veteran, and dining companion, Louis (@tuckandvine on Twitter)  to guest post for Burger Me! and give his thoughts on how they're doing....

Without a doubt, Lucky Chip rates consistently among my favourite burger joints. A grandfather in the London burger scene, it has been around since the days when Meatwagon was still operating from an Ambulance and GBK was still a serious 'top 5' contender (possibly due to the fact that there weren't even 5 joints to list). 

Over the past year and a half I've followed the fortunes of Ben and his team as they have quietly expanded, firmly establishing themselves in not one but three locations across the capital, capturing the hearts and stomachs of burger lovers along the way. 

I've yet to experience a disappointing burger from Lucky Chip, and it was with these lofty expectations that I ventured along to the Sebright Arms, their pub residency found off Hackney Road. 

Lucky Chip Bacon Cheeseburger
Lucky Chip Bacon Cheeseburger


Burger, fries and choice of sauce - around £10.50.


Each burger is neatly presented atop its own small paper saucer, a curious move one might think - that is until you crack into the burger and realise that no wrapper or napkin combination would ever suffice to capture the deluge of juices that spring forth upon consumption. 

Fries are heaped in a rectangular takeaway box, and sauces and condiments are given their own serving pots. A heavenly sight for the hungry. 

Lucky Chip burgers - each have their own character
Lucky Chip burgers - each have their own character


A creature of habit, my usual draw is the aptly titled 'Kevin Bacon' (all burgers are named after movie stars). The Kevin Bacon is essentially a cheeseburger served with - you guessed it - bacon. The generous portion of applewood smoked back bacon used in here comes attached to some very yellow American cheese which, in turn is bonded with the patty. This package is constructed by first searing it atop a grill and finished by steaming under cloche. Heinz ketchup and French's Mustard are liberally applied, gherkins and a (almost token) sprinkling of lettuce tucked in the side, loading this beast to the gills.


I find the meat to be the most consistent element of the Lucky Chip package. Coarsely ground, seasoned, aged Walter Rose beef, in a ratio no doubt perfected over thousands of burgers. The ratio of meat to toppings is about right, the smoked bacon a sharp reminder that this is no regular cheeseburger. 
The Lucky Chip Kevin Bacon bite-through.
The Lucky Chip Kevin Bacon bite-through.


Very good. The bun is glazed but with only a touch of sugar, definitely not a full scale brioche by any means. No seeds, rice or wheat just a shiny finish. A real beauty to look at. Given the amount of juice that runs out of this puppy, it's a wonder that it holds together, which it did to until the very last bite.   
The Daryl Hannah from Lucky Chip - basically a fillet-o-fish on steroids
The Daryl Hannah from Lucky Chip - basically a fillet-o-fish on steroids


You'd be a fool to come to Lucky Chip and not try the fries. These triple cooked beauties excellent by themselves (£2.50), heavenly with cheese (£3.50) and outrageous with the addition of a slow cooked chili (£5). 
Lucky Chip Chilli Cheese Fries
Lucky Chip Chilli Cheese Fries

Overall Rating: A bit bloody good 

My visit to Lucky Chip took place on a Wednesday evening which used to be something of a quieter night down at The Sebright Arms. However the burgeoning reputation of Lucky Chip, and their new Slider Bar outlet in Soho have seen them extend their trading to become a 7-day operation at The Sebright which gets busy from the word go. That said I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a visit. The staff are friendly and obliging, and the beer selection is well priced and interesting without being obscure. As for the food? Let’s just say that over 10 visits in, it’s yet to miss the mark on a single occasion. A burger, fries and pint of craft beer for less than £20 is among the cheapest you can get at this level of quality. 

Lucky Chip at The Sebright Arms in 4 words: Arrive early, leave fat. 

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