Friday 20 January 2017

Chicken Burgers from Meat the Chef - Broadgate Circle

Every now and then (and less frequently these days than I'd like) I discover a new burger venture that I hadn't previously experienced. Meat the Chef, a fried chicken specialist, has been serving out of a hatch in their trailer for over a year, and I stumbled across them in Broadgate Circle (Liverpool Street), just the other day.

They rotate with other recent additions to the Broadgate Circle street food group - Eat the Farm [review of their great Dirty Cow burger here]. But this one is all about chicken, so here's my run down on what Meat the Chef have to offer.


Buttermilk fried chicken burger - £7
Chicken skin salted fries - £3


Hungry? Good, because this is one big, bad ass chicken burger.

From the fist-full of golden fried chicken poking out from under the bun, to the liberally applied condiments - this burger screams 'fill me up'. Rounded off by a golden demi brioche bun - it had my mouth watering before Meat the Chef even wrap it up in their own branded greaseproof paper.


This beast is topped with bacon jam which is surprisingly subtle in the light overtones of sweet and savoury running through the burger. There's a 'Sarsons' mayo with pickles dressing the top bun and a generous dollop of wild garlic (foraged from the Dorking countryside) mayonnaise sitting under the crisp gem lettuce.

The great news is that the condiments all complement the chicken which is definitely the star of the show here. My one niggle - unchopped lettuce - which we all know can end up as a second tongue dangling down your chin. However, compared to the rest of this burger, it's a pretty minor point (and the choice of gem lettuce means you get cut through on the palate against the creaminess of the mayo, too).


The supersize portions of chicken in this burger are beautifully moist and flaky, with overtones of the sour buttermilk running through. The batter is some of the best I've had on a chicken burger - thick and crispy and most importantly it is well seasoned. A lesson other fried chicken burger slingers could learn. Did I mention there is also a shed load of chicken?


The bun is a classic demi brioche - nicely toasted - and designed to wrap around a huge hunk of chicken like a glove. Tried and tested, and very well received.


These are some pretty good fries - considering they're cooked in a van fryer - golden, crunchy and hot and very nicely seasoned with a tasty chicken skin salt. These are well worth three of your hard earned pounds - particularly if the mountain of chicken isn't going to quite fill you up.

Overall rating: 9/10

I mean, you just have to look at this burger and you know your going to get some serious satisfaction. The 'special sauce' is the attention to detail on everything from the seasoning and battering of the chicken to the harmonious condiments. It's a cracking burger, and at £7 it is, in my opinion, very good value indeed. Go, get some, and let me know what you think.

Get the latest on where Meat the Chef are serving on their Twitter.

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