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National Burger Day for the UK, 27 August

Read the latest on National Burger Day - 27 August 2014.


Burgers, burgers, everywhere, but no National Burger Day for the UK.

Well there is now.

27 August 2013 is the first annual National Burger Day, in association with Mr Hyde. A day where people come together to celebrate the delicious union of beef and bun.

Celebrate burgers:

A host of burger restaurants from across the UK are participating in National Burger Day by offering a 20% discount to Mr Hyde subscribers on Tuesday, 27 August. There are currently over 100 restaurants on board. Some of the participants include Barbecoa, Bodean’s, Byron, Meat Liquor, Disco Bistro, Haché, Honest Burgers and many, many more...

Just choose your burger restaurant and from this microsite and print a voucher.

Tweat Up in Dalston Yard: 

There is, of course, a special event to mark the inaugural National Burger Day in London in association with Tweat Up (the guys behind Street Feast, Rib Stock, Gin Stock) where 10 top burger venues from across the city will assemble to showcase their abilities.

@NoshableAdam has given us a breakdown of the attendees and the menu for the day on the Tweat Up site:

Bleecker St Burger (340g) 
Bleecker will be serving up a selection of burgers including the rarely seen Triple Cheeseburger - that’s three quarter pound patties - for £10. Zan almost buckled under the burger public pressure to throw a little bacon into the mix but in her words, “there’s something special about staying the same”.

Byron (85g) 
Fred Smith and the Byron team are back with a banger of a burger. For the first time you’ll be able to try their brand new special, Le Smokey, inspired by their recent trip to Paris. With smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, crispy fried onions, iceberg, pickles and a special smoked chilli BBQ sauce, It’ll set you back £5.

Dirty Burger (125g) 
Also sticking to their guns are Dirty Burger. If you’ve not yet tried their Cheeseburger, now’s your chance. British beef patty, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, mature cheddar cheese and home made mustard mayonnaise. £6 well spent.

Disco Bistro (150g) 
The Roller Disco Burger is a Burgerac-certified five star burger. Rare breed beef patty, cheese, Carl’s special bun sauce and pineapple & bacon jam. £7 and worth every penny.

Honest Burgers (160g) 
The signature Honest Burger is one of our favourites and now a Street Feast regular. However, Tom wanted to push the boat out for #NationalBurgerDay so he’s created the Honest Plus+ - A Ginger Pig beef & bone marrow patty topped with Red Leicester, crispy pigs cheek, shallot & parsley salad, red onion relish & homemade pickles. BRILLIANT. (£8).

MEATliquor (170g) 
It’s the Dead Hippie burger. A modern classic and loved by all. Two beef patties with cheese, lettuce, minced white onion, pickles and Hippie Sauce. If you haven’t tried one of these you’re a f*cking disgrace. £7.

Mother Flipper (180g) 
Never ones to hold back, Manuel and the team have gone for an absolute BEAST of a burger. Witness The Dirty Barbie - Double patty, American cheese, candy bacon, candy fried onions, tomato relish and barbecue sauce. KABLAM! £8.

Roti Chai Street Kitchen (80g) 
First, we love everything about Roti Chai. We first tried their Toddy Shop Burger at Daniel Young’s Burger Monday and we’ve been counting down the days until we can eat one again. Version no. 5 is smaller than previous versions but just as tasty. Aged Ayrshire Angus chuck steak infused with flavours of ‘Keralan Beef Fry’ - a South Indian Toddy Shop drinking den classic. £4.

Slider Bar (75g) 
The Breddos  boys have got a cracking line-up of sliders for the launch next week of their new residency at The Player in Soho (taking over the Lucky Chip spot). Top of the tree is their Short Rib Slider - An aged beef patty topped with orange habanero, mushy short rib, American cheese, hot sauce, lettuce and salsa. Yours for £4. Each one comes with a ‘Free Slider’ card for their Soho site in September. Deal.

Two Nights Only (115g) 
It’s a one night stand for Two Nights Only and they’re bringing their A-game. The Rib Fat ‘n’ Marrow burger will knock your socks off. The meat’s the star of the show here so don’t worry too much about the toppings. Just look forward to a patty to end all patties: 50% fillet tail, 25% 40 day dry aged rib fat and 25% marrow. £5 a pop.

So you're going...right?

Didn't get a ticket huh.


Good job I have a +1 for one lucky burger fan. Just tweet me @hamburgerme and let me know why you should have it.

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