Monday 10 August 2015

[Recipe] The Big Brunch Burger

I was up late the other day, it was about 10am so too late for breakfast, but I was hungry. The weather was nice. I had an urge to get a grill on but it wasn't time for lunch. So the Big Brunch Burger happened.
I've also submitted it in the Ladbrokes BBQ Bingo Challenge - so you can vote for my recipe here.

This recipe serves four. Or two really hungover people.


500g Chuck beef mince
4 x burger buns
4 x slices black pudding
8 x rashers smoked streaky bacon
8 x cherry tomatoes chopped in half
4 x free range eggs
Maldon sea salt
French's mustard
Brown sauce


Place cast iron griddle pan/plate on the BBQ and wait until it's smoking.

Loosely form your four burgers from the mince. Don't pack them too firmly, or handle the mince too much.

Season your burgers with Maldon Sea Salt and place onto the griddle. Swizzle some French's mustard mayonnaise on the top of each burger. Don't move them for 4 minutes.

Add bacon, black pudding and cherry tomatoes chopped in half. Turn as needed.

Flip the burgers (onto the mustard mayo side) and leave for 4 minutes.

Break the eggs directly onto the griddle. Leave for a few seconds before lifting the edges to ensure they will flip.
Remove the burgers from the griddle and leave to rest for up to 5 minutes.

Toast the inside of the buns lightly on the griddle.

Assemble add and brown sauce as necessary.

Cooking time: 
4 minutes on each side of the burger. Everything else until done.

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