Friday 5 December 2014

Xmas 2014 - London Burger Roundup

Here's an overview of the latest London burger news for December 2014 - the London Christmas Burger Roundup!

Honest Burgers: 

Honest Burgers have done it again. They've brought back their super duper special burger from last christmas which effectively delivers their dry-aged beef patty, smoked bacon, deep fried camembert, cranberry sauce & rocket. Phwoar. It also includes their highly addictive rosemary salted chips - all for £11.50.

Ben's Canteen:

Ben's Canteen aren't slacking this year - they've created a very special turkey & stuffing patty for their Chrismas burger, topped with smoked bacon, smoked cheese and and seasonal cranberry mayo. It's priced at £9 and is available at Ben's Canteen from 8 December.


Byron's Holy Cheesemas burger is one of their most indulgent yet. It's a festive double bacon cheeseburger fit for a king, with not only two 6oz patties, but quadruple helpings of cheese – mature Cheddar, American, Red Leicester and Monterey Jack – plus two rashers of dry cure bacon, red onion, shredded iceberg, sliced pickles and Cheesemas sauce, all inside a classic glazed bun. It's on the menu for £12.95.


No Christmas would be complete without something special from MEATLiquor - so here it is. As part of a festively themed menu it will feature the XXXmas burger, a combo of sausage and stuffing patty, topped with roasted turkey, crispy bacon, a drizzle of cranberry sauce and a shit load of gravy. And why the hell not. 
Photo courtesy of Paul Winch-Furness

Tommi's Burger Joint

I'll let the picture below speak for the Christmas special coming from Tommi's Burger Joint - needless to say it'll be delivered in their usual sytle. Venison, cranberry, and pickled red cabbage all feature!

BRGR.Co Soho:

Love it or hate it, Lebanese burger restaurant BRGR.Co in Soho are offering a festive take on afternoon tea to get guests into the Christmas spirit. They're featuring a seasonal slant on the classics - such as a turkey and bacon slider, hot mulled apple tea, spiced vanilla milkshake, warm mince pies and chestnut cheesecake.


Every year, without fail, Hawksmoor remind us that it's the festive season with none other than their take on a Christmas burger - it's on the menu for £12 and is available from their Spitalfields Bar.

The burger itself is a massive slab of turkey, fried in buttermilk and topped with a sausage meat patty from the Ginger Pig (it's their Tamworth pork). Add in some crisp smoked bacon, a load of sprout tops and their own spiced cranberry ketchup, along with a healthy (!) portion of Ogleshield cheese melted over the top and you're onto a winner.

It also comes with duck fat roast potatoes on the side and turkey gravy for you to French Dip the whole thing in, so you can have a whole Christmas dinner, in burger form. I approve.

K-West Hotel:

Luxury hotel K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush are getting in on the action with their Christmas Dinner Burger stuffed with all the traditional trimmings. This incorporates a deep fried turkey breast, festooned with oozing camembert cheese, slathered with cranberry relish, draped with crisp lettuce and topped with a party-hat of a sprout wrapped in smoked bacon all in a sesame-seeded brioche bun.

It's on the menu for £13.50 and is served with a pile of crispy goose fat roast potatoes. Available until 31 December 2014.

All Star Lanes:

This year, All Star Lanes have created a special Christmas burger for you bowling enthusiasts. Incorporating a breaded fried turkey breast patty, sage & onion pork stuffing,  Monterey jack cheese and porter cured bacon all topped with cranberry sauce. It's on the menu for £10.50 and will be around until Christmas eve.

Let me know if you've spotted any Christmas burgers that are worthy of note!


  1. Michael Josem05 December, 2014

    Leaving out the MeatLiquor burger seems like an oversight.

  2. Now it is, but maybe it wasn't when the guy posted. A day is a long time in hamburgers!


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