Monday 29 December 2014

[Burger News] McDonalds relaunch the McRib burger in the UK 2014

It's happening, and soon. McDonald's are relaunching the McRib burger in the UK after a 12 year hiatus.

The McRib is one of McDonald's most requested items in the UK, and so for 5 weeks, from 31 December 2014, it's back on menus for hardcore fans to get stuck into. 

For those not in the loop (or who can't remember the joy of the McRib before BBQ became fashionable in the UK) the McRib burger comprises a wedge of pork shoulder, formed into a spare rib like rack (from RSPCA freedom pork) drenched in a tangy and sweet BBQ sauce, topped with sweet onion and pickles (because everything has to have pickles, right, all wrapped up in a floury, toasted sub roll.  

It's available for £2.69 from 10:30 am on New Year's Eve 2014. 

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