Thursday 11 December 2014

[Infographic] London Burger Trends 2014: How do you eat yours?

From my standpoint as (possibly) London's longest serving burger blogger - or at least the longest serving burger blogger who is still reviewing and posting updates on the burgers I eat - I'm calling 2014 "The year Of Expansion".

New entrants are still coming to the market - take for instance the very excellent BurgerShack, for instance, the burger residency from former burger blogger Burgerac that's set up shop in The Royal Oak in Marylebone - but within the capital new burgers and burger concepts are slightly thinner on the ground. However, we've seen a marked increase in established burger brands expanding their respective portfolios - you only have to look at:

  • Byron Hamburgers - 48 branches (the majority still in London, but many now popping up in urban centres across the country)
  • Honest Burgers - 8 restuarants in within London and no doubt more on the horizon. 
  • MeatLiquor - 7 restaurants (ok one includes ChickenLiquor, but it's expansion)
  • Five Guys - 18 months in and they're now at 16 restaurants (though I wouldn't recommend eating there)
  • Even Shake Shack is opening a new restaurant in 2015 in Westfield Stratford. 

Outside London, there's also a trend for regional independent burger restaurants to cut out their own niche across the various counties and cities they're focusing on. The likes of 7Bone on the south coast (Southampton, Bournemouth), Solita who are expanding in Manchester, and Burger Meats Bun in Glasgow and Edinburgh are examples of burger joints that are growing in popularity and building on the success of the burgeoning appetite in the UK for good quality burgers in the casual dining sector.

With that in mind, I recently polled a big bunch of you on something that's pretty close to your (and my) heart - the components of your perfect burger. So, blatantly stealing the catchphrase from a popular filled easter confectionery treat - how do you eat yours?

Burgers in the UK - how do you eat yours?

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