Monday 28 April 2014

[Special] Byron 'Miami Slice' Burger

From Tuesday 29 April, Byron's special of the month will be the Miami Slice burger.
Byron Miami Slice Burger
Inspired by Founder Tom Byng and Chef Fred Smith's recent tasting trip to the East Coast, the Miami Slice Burger pulls together the classic Byron 6oz patty, and a newly roadtested toasted sourdough bun, and adds super crunchy shoestring fries, melted American Cheese, a spicy paprika ketchup, and salami. It comes with a pot of pork scratchings and a tub of hot sauce on the side and it's effing moreish.
Byron Miami Slice Burger cut through
It's £9.95 and available at a Byron near you from 29 April 2014.

Eat it and you'll end up like me. Tough, Unique, Bad, Bodacious, Sassy (TUBBS) :)


  1. Don't think this will beat the B-Rex for me. I wish the hot sauce dip was hotter. Paprika ketchup is superb though.

  2. Wasn't great to be honest. B-Rex should be a staple at Bryon, is easily the best they've done yet.


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