Thursday 24 April 2014

Pepe's Peri Peri, Brick Lane

I'm pretty chuffed that I've been selected for the "Not Just Another Food Blogger" (NJAFB) award by hungryhouse, the online takeaway ordering service. This year's list features bloggers who are doing something above and beyond just reviewing places (like my burger infographics).

One of the perks of winning the awards meant I received a voucher for a takeaway 'on the house'. I'd heard some positive feedback about Pepe's Piri Piri, a chain of chicken joints across the UK, and ranked as one of London's best burger takeaways in the hungryhouse top takeaways 2014 , so one lunchtime put in my order.
I decided to sample three burgers from Pepe's:
  • The standard Chicken Burger
This is a battered chicken fillet with lettuce and mayo, in a bun. It's fine, the chicken fillet is quite moist and tasty, while the slathering of mayo and lettuce reminds me of the McChicken Sandwich.

  • The Giant Chicken Burger
The giant chicken burger is similar to the normal chicken burger, but with a couple of additions. Firstly, the battered chicken fillet has been supersized . Secondly, a hash brown tops the chicken patty. And finally, in addition to mayonnaise, there's also a layer of tomato salsa.

  • The Giant Spicy Chicken Burger 
This is the same as the Giant Chicken burger, but with a piri piri sauce instead of a tomato salsa. It's this burger that really turns up the heat - the fruity, spicy peri peri merges with the battered chicken fillet and the sticky american cheese really nicely and the mayo and lettuce keep the burger balanced.

I don't normally eat chicken burgers, though the 20 minute travel time from Brick Lane to central London had taken away some of the crispness of the batter, but it’s a jolly good effort from a fast food chain. Delivery was within the 10 minute slot they'd given me, so that's pretty good news too.

Pepe's Peri Peri are on Brick Lane. 

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