Wednesday 23 October 2013

[Special] The Mo 'Shroom Burger - Byron's Movember Charity Burger

Every November since 2010, Byron have dedicated their special for the month of November to prostate and testicular charity Movember. This year is no exception, and so from 1 - 30 November, you get to wrap your chops around The Mo 'Shroom Burger.
Byron's Mo 'Shroom burger
Byron's Mo 'Shroom burger

The Mo 'Shroom is the latest creation from Byron's head of food development - Fred Smith - and it has a pretty mushroomy theme.

Mo 'Shroom Burger - £9.95 and 50p will go to men's cancer charity Movember
Byron's new Movember special burger is essentially a Mushroom Swiss
Byron's new Movember special burger is essentially a Mushroom Swiss
This burger is made by it's toppings, and it's a 'mushroom swiss' in all but name. It starts with a thick curtain of melted emmental, covering a portobello mushroom atop the usual Byron patty. Underneath you've got a layer of chopped iceberg lettuce and a glorious cep aoili.

The burger also has that same super-thin, super-crispy bacon layered on top...because everyone loves bacon, right. Actually it's slightly more subtle than that. The bacon adds a layer sharp, salty crispness that contrasts the soft and creamy cheese/mushroom combo.

This is a very different burger to previous Byron blockbuster 'Le Smokey', which hit you with chilli bbq sauce. The Mo' Shroom burger is a softer, gentler, cuddlier kind of burger. The creamy cheese, the soft mushroom flavours, and the cep aioli make this burger more like a beef stroganoff in a bun. It's a comforting winter warmer and is an absolute classic mushroom swiss.
Mo ' Shroom burger cut-through
Mo ' Shroom burger cut-through

Like last year, Bryon are offering anyone who raises £25 for Movember a free hamburger (or main salad) between 3 - 6pm. every day in November, so get stuck in!

The Movember deal lasts from 1 - 30 November in all Byron Restaurants.

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