Monday 7 October 2013

World Burger Tour: my Visa dream first time experience

Visa approached me the other day with a simple question. What would be my dream first-time experience?
four continent world burger tour
The Hamburger Me! world burger tour - a popular map...
This question came in context of a competition that Visa are running to promote their contactless payment cards where, until 27 October 2013, if you make a payment with your contactless payment card, you have the chance to win a prize of £1,000 every day, and for eight lucky people the chance to make your dream first-time experience come true!

Here's the science bit…
You could be one of eight winners enjoying the first time experience they’ve always dreamed of plus £1,000 to be won every day. Just touch and pay with your Visa contactless card, then visit to tell Visa what you’d most love to do for the first time.

The promotion is open to United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) residents only.
So what would be my dream first-time experience…?

It's burger related, of course. To be specific, a four continent, world burger tour.

But where to start? It has to be the Southern Hemisphere. I'd work my way West from New Zealand all the way to New York, taking down some of the best burgers across four continents.

First up would be FergBurger in Auckland – raved about by all displaced Kiwi's in London – I'd go double Ferg, of course, and load up on the swiss cheese which is de rigueur, then it would be on to Sydney to sample a burger stacked with Wagyu beef at the Rockpool Bar & Grill just back from the Opera House. I'd stay long enough to head to Bondi for a cheeky surf as well, before hopping on the plane to Tokyo…

…Japan. Home to the finest beer-fed, soft-music exposed, hand-massaged Japanese Black Wagyu beef. Blacows is on my bucket list in Tokyo to sample this delicacy. And as the Japanese are the undisputed kings of umami, that slightly indescribable savoury flavour that characterises their cuisine. For a burger fanatic umami wagyu burger would be the perfect combination of both.

Next stop, Europe and it would be to chow down on a BLEND hamburger – a very French interpretation of the American classic, combining in-house baked boulangerie, and their own house mixed beef patties. That's lunch sorted, but for dinner I'd head to La Maison Mere, another diner-style affair and a hamburger celebre with a very French accent.

Flying out of Charles De Gaulle airport, and onto Oslo to sample the quirkily branded Illegal Burger, *note to self, don't get caught eating it*, then back to the airport again for the final continent, and the last destination on my burger world tour – New York.

So, the big apple. Let's call it the big burger. So many amazing places to try, but only so much room in a stomach. Two restaurants sit at the top of my NY burger list. April Bloomfield's Spotted Pig burger, and the Minetta Tavern black label burger – both simple burgers with minimal ingredients, but with loyal following the world over.

Time to make another hole in my belt and fly home to London. There's just time for a quick trip to Honest Burgers – and it's fitting that a British burger ends my world burger tour. I've got a heap of branded napkins for friends and family, and a phone full of burger pictures in glorious Technicolor.

This post is sponsored by Visa. The words are mine, the competition, Visa's.

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