Wednesday 4 September 2013

How to host your own Burgermat Show

As it's hump day, I thought I'd share with you something wonderfully burger-y. A couple of months ago I ordered a thoroughly brilliant book put together by burger detective Burgerac and Nobrow Press, entitled The Burgermat Show.
Burgerac's Burgermat Show book from Nobrow Press
Burgerac's Burgermat Show book from Nobrow Press

For those of you with long memories, Burgerac ran a special one-off Burgermat Show event with Daniel Young as a BurgerMonday in June 2011 - which I was lucky enough to attend - and since then he's run shows in Cape Town and Dublin, as well as an exhibition on Brick Lane...

...and now you can bring the Burgermat Show into your own home with the Burgermat Show book in glorious Technicolor.
 With the book, you get 24 tear-out and keep burgermats (two prints of each design) as well as four burger recipes - the Burgerac Super Easy Cheesy, Byron's signature Byron Burger, Opera Tavern's mini Iberico Pork and Foie Gras burgers, and Fred Smith's Double Cheese Stack - enough to keep your guests burger happy for days to come.

The Burgermat Show book can be purchased from Amazon for just £12.23, so what are you waiting for - get yours now and run your own burgermat show - and while your waiting for your copy to arrive, have a flick through the great artwork below!
Crispin Finn's 'Know Your Condiments'
Land of the Rising Bun

All the Burgermat Show artwork on the back of the book.

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