Wednesday 20 March 2013

Two Nights Only - A Burger Supper Club at Bedford and Strand

The latest Two Nights Only, the burger supper club created by James Morgan and Chris Todd, has landed at Bedford & Strand.
The London Burger from Two Nights Only
The London Burger from Two Nights Only
As before, it was a quality meat and booze fuelled evening. Here's how it went down...

Two Nights Only Bedford & Strand Menu
2NO guests are welcomed with a personalised menu cum placemat, giving a run down of the burger composition and the full evening's menu.
Hoxton Pickles and Hobo Beer
Hobo Beer is one of the sponsors of Two Nights Only. Drinks were purchased by poker chips - with each guest receiving 8 chips with their ticket. Each guest was given a jar of Hoxton Pickleskicking a spicy smoked bourbon, black garlic and dill flavour. Hoxton Pickles is a new venture by James and Chris.
Buffalo Chicken Kiev. Boom!
Buffalo Chicken Kiev. Boom!
The London Burger from Two Nights Only.
The London Burger from Two Nights Only. A combination of  Rinkoff Horseradish  and poppyseed bun,  Ginger Pig Bacon, American Cheese, Hoxton Pickles, 8oz patty (blend of black label beef and aged angus cuts), braised onions, and lettuce slaw.
London burger, under the hood.
Under the hood of the London Burger.
The London burger cut-through.
The London burger cut-through.
All right, own up, who had the 2NO veggie burger?!
All right, own up, who had the veggie burger?!

2NO branded box
What could be inside...?
Oxtail doughnut
...oxtail doughnut with garlic sauce!
Oxtail doughnut bite-through
Oxtail doughnut bite-through.
Cheese in a can!
Cheese in a can! (and on my jumper, and on Fred's burger...)
Cheese in a can, behaving this time...
Cheese in a can, behaving this time...
Choc Dips - 2NO-style
Is this a Choc Dips pot I see before me?
Choc Dips Chocolate pot.
It IS Choc Dips, but not as we know the end of a MONSTER meal this was a homemade version of the KP classic!
This is another great event from two guys who know where their towels are.

For those still to go on 24 March, you're in for a treat. Just make sure you take your trousers with the elasticated waistband. Oh, and some safety goggles, in case the cheese is decides to explode...!

Two Nights Only took place at the Bedford & Strand, 1A Bedford Street.

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