Sunday 3 March 2013

Competition Entries and Ticket Winner - Two Nights Only

Judging by entries to the competition, there were a lot of burger fans out there who wanted tickets to the latest Two Nights Only burger supper club, but when it comes to winners, as in Highlander "There can be only one".

After much deliberation, the winner is Phoebe with her Limerick about the Honest Burger from Honest Burgers (in just 139 characters).

"Honestly not horsing around,
It's the most succulent that I've found,
With rosemary chips,
And mayonnaise lips,
Lots of mess and fun abound!"

Although there's only one winner, I was thoroughly entertained but a strong set of entries, with the following also short-listed (in no particular order):

Marcus de Pfeiffer-Key's limerick for the Hawksmoor cheeseburger:

"Bone marrow is the key to this feat, Unctuous, oozing and sweet, Robust brioche bun,Glorious messy fun, Each bite resumes an inspiring eat"

Nick Doyle's Limerick for the Patty & Bun Ari Gold:

"There once was a burger from P&B,
and I am a fan you see,
we went for lunch,
skipped breakfast and brunch,
they were so good I had to get three"

Alice Brooksmith's mnemonic for H.O.N.E.S.T. B.U.R.G.E.R
"Happily On Nearly Every Sensation This Burger Unavoidably Really Gets Everything Right." 
Toby James's Dead Hippie rhyme: 
"Mustard fried! I nearly died, and thought I'd gone to heaven! Special sauce and gloppy cheese, I rate this a double 7! (Out of ten!)"

Katy's putting the kaibosh on her burgerslutty ways for Lucky Chip's El Chappo:
"Tastes ten times better than skinny feels. I would become celibate for this burger after having it's tasty burger babies."
Matt Stavrou's Tarantino-esque take on Lucky Chip' Danny Trejo burger:
"Danny Trejo: THE Mexican. Danny Trejo Burger: THE Mexican burger. Disagree? How about a chipotle bullet to your face. Salsa machete to your gut"
Luke's Burger Bear Picnic (and our only pictorial entry!):
" - A picture says 1000 words!"
Clelia's London burger:
"My brain is the burger, my heart is the charcoal, I am the London burger, juicy burger me. "
Vanessa's orgasmic James Morgan 30Burger:
"Eyes wide, hands full of juicy 30burger, senses loaded. Stifling urge to recreate When Harry Met Sally key scene. Want more. Need badly."
Chiara's The Ari Gold at Patty and Bun:
"So good it make me want to turn to the person next to me and say "let's hug it out bitch"."

Camilla's romantic styling of the Elliot's Cafe Burger:
"The farmer sips a well earned beer. Bread rises in oven. Happy cows graze in the field. Onions tickled by the fire. Dill butter softening."

Here's a selection of the best of the rest... 

James Alexander on The Disco Burger: The braised short-rib that tops the sublime buttery Devon Ruby patty, makes you wish you could relive that first bite again and again.

Nick on Patty & Bun: Unwrapping Christmas presents as a child ain't got nothing on the excitement levels of peeling back the greasepaper on a Smokey Robinson :D

Hilary Allen on The Bountiful Cow: 14 ounces of rare beef packing a cayenne kick. Easy on the toppings [bacon or egg or cheese] & good with fries. Hearty, satisfied, sighs.

Ben on Tesco basic: Decide to up the ante. The meat was good to soft. Fillings started to drift away, making the long price less appealing. Ended up like glue

Dan Humphrey on Byron Chrismas Cheesemas: This was a real messy burger, patties were cooked to perfection. Nice crispy caramelisation on the outside pink & juicy on the inside, lush

Thomas on The Thirty Burger: 4 cuts of beef (no horse), served with gooey cheese and vinegary slaw. 30% fat content should have killed someone but what a way to go!

James Crumly on the Atomic Burger - make your own burger: With hindsight choosing chili, stilton and fried egg seems bold when drunk, but certainly satisfied my desires for big flavour and mega mess

Sofia on Hawksmoor Kimchi: Most reviewers look past this one as the top spot, but beefy, spicy, crunchy; perfect bun & always the right medium rare, this is the BEST!

Owen on Americain fromage bacon frites, Midnight Express, Chamonix: Crunchy bun which infamously cuts the lips that you burned while skiing or climbing in the Alps. Served with fries on the bun, tasty meat.

James Stubbs on Honest Burger: It sits happily between a drippy, greasy burger and one you might get in a great steakhouse. Cheerful, understated and delicious. Top marks.

Kavey on Tongue n Cheek's Heartbreaker: TongueNCheek's Heartbreaker champions under-appreciated cuts like ox heart. Add onions, cheese, pork belly and leaves. My heart is won!

It's heartening to see so many people who are passionate about burgers, in fact so much so that a tear has just started running down my cheek. A salty, greasy tear.

Keep burgering on and watch out for more burger competitions in the near future!

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