Wednesday 18 July 2012

[Pop-Up Alert] Unreal Burgers for Two Nights Only

There is no doubt there are some great burger joints popping up in London right now. 

The Spectacular Patty & Bun has just finished it's latest run in The Endurance, Soho, the Lucky Chip Residency at The Seabright Arms on Hackney Road is well established, and their Slider Bar has just opened in Covent Garden too. There are also a host of others appearing, Burger Breakout, Burger Bear, Fattburger, Tommi's Burger Joint, Burger & Lobster, and Dirty Burger - not to mention Honest Burgers coming to Soho and Daniel Young's BurgerMonday events...

In the midst of the burger frenzy, I've caught up with Chris and James, a duo who have an 'unreal burger experience' in their sights, and a point to prove.
Chris runs the successful Diner restaurants in London, and James is the Head Chef at the Wenlock & Essex. Both know their shit when it comes to delivering great burgers, and they are busy working on a ticketed two-night burger supper club, aptly named "Two Nights Only". Follow @twonightsonly on Twitter for updates.

Their vision is to put together an absolutely stunning burger experience for a small group of diners. An experience that wouldn't be possible in normal restaurant service, and from the work they've put into R&D so far - I'm already salivating.

Here's the low-down:


19/20 September 2012


Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market



What's included:

The ticket price includes free Kracken Rum cocktails and beers from Camden Brewery all evening, but this is merely lubrication for the three course menu that will cover:
  • Small plate starters of Wagyu Tartare, Crayfish Thermidore, and Scotch Eggs

The next course is the burger, currently in the testing phase in a secret kitchen in Hackney. Whilst the duo are keeping the final mix close to their chests, they are pretty excited about some of the beef they are getting in, and so they should be, as included in the composition of the patty is going to be:
"USDA Black Angus chuck. This is from Creekstone Farm, the same place that provides the beef for the Black Label burgers in the Minetta Tavern. Blended with 40 day aged Scottish rump, sirloin, filet and marrow. It will be call The Fourty on account of the 40-day aging."
This will be complemented by:
  • A custom Harvey Rinkoff bun - currently under development and being tested with a range of flavours and toppings. The base of this will be the hugely popular bun used in the Exmouth Arms sliders, the Grab Burger at The Diner, and the Wenlock & Essex burgers.
  • Toppings will include: Balsamic caramalised onions; braised short-rib; James' special 'slaw (get your mind out of the gutter), aged Comté, and condiments.
  • Accompaniments to the burger will include fries, coleslaw, onion rings and, in what may be a world first, Oxtail Doughnuts!
On paper, to me, this sounds magical. A super luxury burger without the high ticket ingredients that let down the BB Burger at Bar Boulud, or the Longhorn burger at Riding House Café. Expect deep, mellow beefiness with layers of complementary flavours in a top-drawer bun.
  • Dessert is a closely guarded secret at the moment, but expect a twist on an American classic.
So, three courses, free cocktails and beer all evening, served up at the Exmouth Arms, all for £40. Sound good? 

Well, it's about to get better, for Burger Me! has two tickets to give away to a lucky winner!

Watch this space, @hamburgerme on Twitter or my Burger Me! Facebook page for details on how to win...mmm, burger.


  1. matthechef@gmail.com18 July, 2012

    you forgot fattburger soho...these guys smashed dalston and reading their twitter there starting too open up soho!!!!

  2. Ah yes - off there shortly, have added them to the list


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