Monday 16 July 2012

London Burger Roundup #4: Honest Burgers, Meat Market

Today's London Burger Roundup covers a stacked burger from Honest in Brixton, and a dripping burger from Meat Market in Covent Garden

Submitted by: Dave Grenter
Location: Honest Burgers, Brixton
What did you think?: Honest Burger, Brixton. Absolutely fantastic burger and the chips were out of this world. 

Submitted by: Nick Byrne
Burger: Black Palace (on my Best Burgers in London list)
Location: Meat Market, Covent Garden
What did you think?: It's the unmistakeable Meatmarket Black Palace. This thing retains, and subsequently releases, enough juice to make Niagra Falls blush. Greasy, and opinion dividing on looks. the ones who don't think it looks like a bad ass you need to take down have the wrong opinion however 

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