Wednesday 15 August 2012

[Advance Preview] Dirty Burger. A Dirty Little Secret from Soho House

Three words: Filthy. Dirty. Burger. 

This is Soho Houses' Dirty Little Secret. It's also what you get from the latest burger concept about to kick off in Kentish Town. I was invited by Louis to join him on launch evening. What you are about to see is pure filth.

Pop-up corrugated iron sheds house the dirty burger, and dirty breakfast of champions

Onion rings come out more like NikNaks - knobbly and misshapen - and are crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet in the centre. 
Crinkle cut chips are a nostalgic return to my long past youth - they're steamed twice in preparation, before being fried which makes 'em light and crunchy.
Dirty Burger 'Eat Me'

This *is* a dirty burger. The double glazed sweet white bun is made in-house and has been built to accommodate the gushing juice monster that is the Dirty Burger. Topped with wafer-thin sliced cheddar cheese, a whole beef onion (the only thing that bugged me about it) the coarse-ground beef is a blend of cuts (top secret for now) but with high fat content, and I would wager a touch of bone marrow, is grilled animal-style (lashings of French's mustard) with salt and pepper giving the whole thing a massive kick of umami. Underneath, strips of iceberg lettuce top more French's mustard, and the whole thing is wrapped up branded greaseproof paper.

This is a smaller-format burger, coming in at around 120g, but it packs a seriously satisfying meaty punch - especially when enjoyed with the outstanding Camden Pale Ale.

As well as the burger, I also wrapped my laughing gear around two Dirty Breakfast burgers - one with haggis sausage and egg, the other with double cured bacon and egg - each in the same fabulous home-made bun, but for me, the burger steals the show.
Dirty Burger will be appearing around the back of Pizza East and Chicken Shop in Highgate Studios, Kentish Town, NW5 1PB from Wednesday 22 August, serving Dirty Burgers and Dirty Breakfasts from 7am – midnight in the week and until 1am at the weekend. 

The menu will consist of Dirty Burgers, Dirty Breakfasts, shakes, fries and onion rings, all washed down with Camden Pale Ale and Bierra Morretti on draft and Heineken in bottles for takeaway.
  • Sausage & egg £3.50 with bottomless coffee/tea
  • Bacon & egg £3.50  with bottomless coffee/tea
  • Dirty Burger £5.50
  • Crinkle Cut Fries £2.50
  • Onion Fries £2.50
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  1. "gushing juice monster" lol. It does look supremely filthy.
    I wonder if they're fans of Trailer Park Boys, home of the original 'Dirty Burger'.

  2. Nick Andrews29 August, 2012

    Could be, I know there was a fair amount of research that went into it around London, but maybe further afield as well.


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