Friday 23 December 2011

The Best and Worst Burgers in London: 1 Year Anniversary Picture Quiz

Hello loyal burger fans.

This has been an excellent year for Burger Me!, and today is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this blog. I can't believe its gone by so quickly. Doing some rough maths I reckon I've taken down around 100 burgers this year (that only averages out at 2 a week...) and blogged more than fifty different burger restaurants and burger events. So, with that in mind, what better way to wind down 2011 than with a pictorial competition of the best burgers in London (and the worst). Just name the burgers in the comments section and I might even send one lucky winner a classy MEAT WIN tote bag.

Can you guess all 30?
Click the image to see it in its full-sized burger glory.


  1. 1= Trek and Eat Cheeseburger in a Can
    2= Gaucho
    3= Byron Burger
    4= Lionel Levy @burgermonday
    5= NAtural Kitchen
    7= Diablo at the Diner
    8= Admiral Codrington Swarm
    9=Bishops Finger
    10= Kua-Aina
    11= Rivington Grill
    12= Hawksmoor 7 Dials
    13= Bens Canteen
    15= Admiral Codrington 333 Chilli
    17= Meat Liquor
    18= Admiral Codrington Cheeseburger
    19= Bistro du Vin
    21= Clerkenwell House
    22= Lucky Chip
    23= Barbecoa
    25= Grand Union
    27= Bread St Kitchen
    28= Ember
    29=BOOM Hatton Gdn
    30=The Last (Shoe Lane)

  2. No one's going to beat VVV on this so I won't even try. Nice going.

  3. Excellent work VVV - for that supreme effort you win a Meat Win Tote:

    The ones you didn't get were:

    6. White Swan, Farringdon
    14. Goodman
    16. Ed's Easy Diner
    20. #Meateasy
    24. Hache
    26. Henry Harris Burger Monday


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