Thursday 1 December 2011

Meat Winning in the Burger Me! shop

Tell me what you want to win, and win it!

At Burger Me!, I like to reward people who read what I have to say, and not just with mouthwatering pictures of gastro-orgasmic burgers, but with real, physical stuff. And so I'm running a competition to win an item of YOUR CHOICE from the Burger Me! store.

There are two simple ways to win, and you can even get your name in the draw twice if you're cunning.

    • Go to the Burger Me! shop and choose the item you want to win.
    • Log into Twitter and paste the link to your item with the hashtag #meatwin
I'll be drawing one lucky winner THIS SUNDAY 4th DECEMBER 2011 and the winner's item will be delivered well in time for Xmas.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your Burger Me clothing NOW!


  1. I entered, how fun!

    Finally got to Lucky Chip on the weekend, really really enjoyed it!

    Instead of winning an item from your shop, what I'd much rather win is a burger date (not a date date, am married, don't panic!) with none other than Burger Me Nick himself! Socialising much more fun than shopping! :)

  2. Haha, thanks Kavey. Glad you enjoyed Lucky Chip, it is a bloody good burger!

    Now a burger date is a great idea. If you win, we'll go out for a burger, and if you don't...well, hell, let's go out for a burger!


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