Sunday 21 February 2016

[Review] Honest Burgers vs The Rib Man

Q: What do you get when refined British burger slingers Honest go head to head with Brick Lane's infamous rib meat and fruitily-named Holy F*ck hot sauce purveyor?

A: The Ribman special.

Price: £12.50 (including rosemary-salted fries)


It's a working lunchtime, so it's time for takeout. The brown cardboard takeaway box opens to a beautiful hit of spicy rib and burger steam. The burger is nestled in the corner, rib meat peeking cheekily out from under the glossy bun and surrounded by a healthy pile of rosemary-salted chips.
Mouth watering? Yup.

On a side note, one of the biggest disruptions facing the restaurant industry in London is the rise of delivery companies like Deliveroo. I've had numerous conversations about how restaurants are trying to cope with the extra demand generated by home and work ordering, and how they deal with hordes of helmeted delivery drivers at peak service hours, but that's something for another day.


this special collaboration between The Rib Man and Honest piles on a load of melt-in-the-mouth rib meat, Holy F*ck mayonnaise and cheddar. It's a fantastic combination flavours - the savoury pork flavours with their natural juicy sweetness - followed by the warming Holy F*ck spice which builds with each bite. It's tempered by the standard HB pickles, the thick cut pieces of mellow, juicy, salty cucumber keep a balance


The standard and frankly stellar Ginger Pig patty is cooked perfectly medium-rare and piles of shredded pork rib meat fall out from under the bun. This is how all pulled pork burgers should be, not like the dreadful cardboard tasting stuff that's de riguer pretty much anywhere you eat now.


I've written about this bun before. This is a great example of the glossy, glazed demi-brioche which holds this juicy burger together - and particularly impressive that it does so having been steamed in a takeaway box for a few minutes. My one niggle, it needs a little more time on the bun toaster.


Rosemary-salted fries. Aka HB Crack.

Overall rating: 9/10

As collaborations go, this is pretty stellar. Melty pork. perfectly cooked beef - spice that builds, tingles and lingers but doesn't overwhelm the burger. A great balance of crunch and softness on the bite (thanks pickles!). My strong recommendation would be to get this in you before it drops off the specials board. Oh, and remember you can double up, too...just make sure you're hungry. 

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