Thursday 28 January 2016

[Meat Free January] Grilled Cheese from Grill My Cheese

To round off almost 30 days of no meat and no booze, what better news to hear than street food cheese porn purveyors Grill My Cheese are back on Leather Lane after a well deserved winter break.
It's a tough gig, eating all this grilled cheese, but I am a man who takes his art seriously. Let's see how these toasties stack up against the others in my meat free toasted cheese marathon.

At £5 for the main GMC sandwich, and £6 for the Baby Got Mac, you really need to double up for your lunchtime hit. So I did.

The GMC is made up of a custom blend of cheeses, which includes Gruyere and cheddar, and is wrapped in slices of buttered sourdough, and pressed against a flat top grill with and old school steak grill press.
Off - mega cheese from Grill My Cheese

Crisp and buttery, just how I like it
The results speak for themselves. The evenly browned, and crisp buttered crust of the sourdough holds a massive molten mass of the Grill My Cheese special blend. The grill skills are evident as each toastie is flipped and 'edged' which gives those satisfying crunchy caramelised cheese protrusions around the edges. Inside, there's volume and waves of mellow gruyere and sharp cheddar roll across your palate. It'll make you grin like a loonie.

Baby Got Mac takes that same cheese blend and buttered sourdough, but pimps it with a load of macaroni pasta, cheese sauce and barbecue sauce...yes, you CAN have pulled pork. No, I didn't. Meat free, innit. Sigh.

And it's a bit of a beast on the grill.
And a bit of a beast in my hand, too.

In an, ahem, very scientific experiment, I had the barbecue sauce included on just one half of the grilled mac n cheese sandwich - to give a view on whether this enhances the flavours even without the pulled pork.

The results? Well, I'll just say you need to make sure you get that barbecue sauce added to your sandwich. While the half without the sauce was excellent - a mass of oozing cheese and cheese sauce blended with the sticky, salted macaroni - adding in the sweet riff of barbecue sauce takes this sandwich to another level. Boom!

If that floats your boat, you might like to take a look at my grilled cheese journey while I've been off meat this month the suitably Scandic Lundenwic, the cheerily cheesey Cheese Truck, the capital Kappacasein, and the melty Melt Room.

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