Thursday 22 January 2015

[Meat Free January] Bean Me Up burger at Burger Shack, Edgware Road

Once again I find myself spending a month without meat.

The annual self-flagellation of Meat Free January has been in full swing for just over three weeks, and this year has been the toughest so far (ok, so I’m not drinking for a month, either, but that’s a different story). What makes it doubly tough is the number of places that are running burger specials, and offers, to lure in those who want to cheer up their cold, dark January with some meaty comfort food. I can’t say I haven’t been tempted, but I have maintained my integrity…so far.
Lunch at Burger Shack, however, has been by far my toughest test, as my 20+ dining companions tucked into their Big Shack burgers, pulled pork amazeballs, and beef chilli cheese fries – washed down with Meantime Pale Ale and Kopparberg cider – I waited for my “Bean Me Up” veggie burger, silently screaming…


“Bean Me Up” burger - £7


To be fair, the Bean Me Up burger scrubs up pretty well in spite of the lack of beef. The generous bean patty, with cheese melting down the sides, overfills the golden brown sesame-seeded bun, resplendent on illustrated greaseproof paper in its plastic fast food basket. Big tick on visual impact.


Cheese is festooned over the patty, and it also sticks thick to the top bun, welding the ensemble together – its mild flavour is good, but pack more punch. Underneath the bean patty a thin slice of tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce and a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on your perspective) dollop of burger shack sauce (a light, creamy/sharp take on a thousand island dressing) act as a classic garnish and deliver some of the moisture that would usually be squeezed out of beef patty.


The patty in the Bean-Me-Up burger, as you’d expect, is predominantly bean. Black bean and feta to be accurate. The composition is well balanced with the semi-firm black beans acting as a counterpoint to the cashew and feta that makes up the rest of the patty. There's also a warming hint of chilli that rolls through, starting from the second or third mouthful that enhances the flavour. It’s fried and crunchy, and the only thing that I think it needs (apart from being beef) is another hit of seasoning.


A fantastic example of a demi-brioche, sesame-seeded bun. It looks great, is nice and fresh, and wraps brilliantly around the innards on the squash to wrap everything up.

Overall this is a comforting treat in the surrounds of a nicely chilled pub, and it compares very favourably with my favourite veggie burgers in London - Burger Shack, and Mr Burgerac, I salute you.

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  1. Snortripper25 January, 2015

    Why do you do this?! Seriously!! It's not just you who suffers, you know! We have to endure a whole month's worth of your reporting on these gastronomic crimes against humanity! Get over yourself, please!

  2. I gotta say I can appreciate the veggie angle - my missus is veggie and enjoys a good veggie burger (not the cop out mushroom in a bap) and I am an occasional veggie so it's good to know the options . also how is a veggie burger a crime against humanity?? keep doing what u doin! your work is appreciated


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