Tuesday 20 January 2015

[Burger News] French Connection: Big Fernand Burger to launch in London in March 2015

First we had Icelandic Burgers, then the Lebanese had a shot, then we had the American Burger Wars (Five Guys and Shake Shack), but now there's another nation muscling in on London's booming burger scene - the French are coming...

Big Fernand is crossing the channel this March, setting up shop on Percy Street in Fitzrovia. Their press release says they're "putting the va va voom into burgers, these fabulous French patties are getting ready to shake up the capital with a burger joint big on French flavours and Parisian savoir-faire. With super fast service and a cool, quirky vibe that doesn’t try too hard, Big Fernand puts the bistro bling into burgers."

Apparently they'll be "serving only the crème de la crème of hamburgés, Big Fernand takes the American classic and blends with French gastronomy to deliver a burger with a difference. Think artisan buns, made in London using a French baker’s secret recipe, locally-sourced Charolais and Aberdeen Angus meat, unpasteurised French cheeses such as Tomme de Savoie, Raclette or Fourme d'Ambert, freshly chopped herbs and home-made sauces created by Chef Thomas Boutin."

"Served blue through to well-done, choose from five classic combinations including beef, chicken and veal. Alternatively, ‘build your own’ with over 3,840 distinctly French possibilities. Eat with fingers, accompanied by Fernandines – home-made hand cut French fries from potatoes peeled and sliced at the restaurant each morning. The drinks list features a red, white and a rosé wine as well as beer, all French naturellement."

Service is touted to be "speedy and sometimes cheeky – expect your hamburger with a smile in around 40 seconds from order to service."

Big Fernand was launched in 2012 and now has 8 restaurants in France. This is part of a roll out strategy that will see another 15 restaurants open in 2015, in London, Hong Kong, and elsewhere in France. 


  1. Ben Clayton21 January, 2015

    No horse?

  2. Most likely not, but try their deep fried snails in garlic!


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