Tuesday 12 February 2013

[Biggest Burgers in London] The Beast from Burgers at Blacks, Purley

Claiming to be Europe's largest burger challenge, The Beast from Burgers at Blacks is a 7lb behemoth waiting to be taken down, and intrepid Hamburger Me! reporter Phil Tyler is the man to do the job...
The Beast Burger
The Beast Burger

What's the challenge?

  • 7 pounds Black Angus beef split into two patties
  • 0.5 pounds mature cheddar cheese
  • 7 rashes smoked streaky bacon
  • 7 tomatoes
  • 1 whole lettuce
  • 1 pound chunky chips
  • 1 milkshake with 2 scoops of ice cream
The Beast burger, Burgers at Blacks, Purley.
You have every right to look worried, The Beast will do that to you.
FUCK. ME. By my calculations (if you allow c. 4 oz for a tomato) that makes this meal a whopping 11 pounds of food to cram into your gob, not to mention the ELEPHANTINE bun that you somehow have to force down. 

Where can I get it?

The Beast is a creation from burger restaurant Burgers at Blacks, a Purley / Croyden-based joint located on 920 Brighton Road, Purley, Croydon, CR8 2LN. You'll need to give them 24 hours notice to get prepped for this bad boy - give them a call on 020 8645 9942.
The Beast commands the table on its own glass platter
The Beast commands the table on its own glass platter

How much does it cost?

If you are going to do it solo (and if you do, you're either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid) it's £60. If you take it all down, you don't pay.

There's also the option to do it in a team (max. 4 people) which costs £90, and doesn't give you quite the kudos of doing it solo. Oh, and if you finish it with four people, you still have to pay.
The massive Beast cut-through
The massive Beast cut-through

What did it taste like?

Let's face it, you don't do challenges like this to enjoy them, and enjoy it you won't. This much beef makes the cooking almost impossible to judge so the patties started off well, but soon became dry, chewy and stringy. The bun, that MASSIVE amount of bread, hits your stomach and then if you drink anything, it starts to expand. Everything else is lost in the mix. 

I think we can safely say this is both a Bun Fail and Meat Fail.

The team of four who attempted to down The Beast were defeated in the end by the bun...perhaps YOU can do better?

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