Thursday 21 February 2013

[Biggest Burgers in London] The 32oz Red Iron Burger

This Sunday, 24 February 2013, Red Iron Burgers is kicking off a YOU vs FOOD 'food challenge' day with mega milkshakes, extra hot wings made with ghost chillis and, for all lovers of this blog, a GIGANTIC BURGER!
The 32oz burger challenge from Red Iron Burgers
The 32oz burger challenge from Red Iron Burgers 
The burger challenge itself is 32 oz of matured beef stuffed with four kinds of cheese, topped with our homemade red onion jam, pickles, four rashers of bacon and encased in a 500g wholemeal bun layered with homemade garlic mayonnaise and red iron sauce - all alongside onion rings and fried gherkins.

The challenges are taking place between 12pm and 4pm on Sunday 24 February, and it's £20.00 to give it a go.
The 32oz burger alongside their regular 8oz burger
To give you some background information, Red Iron is a burger joint located at 280 High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 ILQ, so you North West burger lovers just got lucky, their beef is sourced from grass fed Irish cows and is matured for 40 days, and their patties are 100% beef, minced on site. 

I'll be sticking my head in next time I'm in the Uxbridge area, but if you've been, get in touch and let me know what you think!

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  1. jay hernandez10 June, 2014

    Absolutely rubbish place - avoid.


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