Tuesday 29 January 2013

[Meat Free January] Veggie Fritters From Honest Burgers, Soho

With only 2 days and 6 hours and 30 minutes to go until I can eat meat again (yes, I'm counting the minutes too), I thought I'd hit up Veggie Burger #4 from Brixton and Soho burger stalwart - Honest Burgers.
Honest Burgers Veggie Fritter
Honest Burgers Veggie Fritter
My Meat Free January adventures have, to date, taken me through some of London's classic burger joints, including:
As each 'burger' so far has incorporated WHOLE ingredients, I thought it was about time to try a man-made burger - something that combines the ingredients and forms it into something resembling a patty. Here's how Honest Burgers veggie fritter went down...

Market Vegetable Fritter from Honest Burgers, Soho
Market Vegetable Fritter from Honest Burgers, Soho
First of all, what is it?

Honest Burger's veggie fritter is composed of a cauliflour, sweetcorn, shallots, coriander, onion-bhaji style 'patty', fried until dark brown and crunchy and sandwiched between two sides of a toasted Honest Burgers bun and filled with chopped lettuce underneath and a cucumber yoghurt topping. It comes with a decent portion of rosemary salted fries.

All this for the princely sum of £6.50
All boxed up - Honest veggie fritter with rosemary salted fries
All boxed up - Honest veggie fritter with rosemary salted fries

So HOW is it?

Well, it's really rather good. 

The crunchy exterior of the fritter gives way to a warm, moist and filling veggie patty - an excellent balance between the earthy cauliflour, mellow onions and juicy sweetcorn, all wrapped up in a warming coriander flavour. The cucumber yoghurt and lettuce adds a crunchy, sobering edge to the soft veggies and I can't rave enough about the excellent Honest toasted bun.

Now before you attribute my feelings towards this veggie burger to a deeply depressing reorientation of my taste buds towards veggie rather than meat, I gave a shout out on Twitter about how much I liked it, which revealed some surprising fans of the Honest Burgers fritter including none other than London burger legend Fred Smith, and chef and writer Sabrina Ghayour - so I feel I'm in good company. 

Honest Burgers Veggie Fritter

I had the veggie fritter as a takeaway, as the wait for a table was around 45 minutes (Honest doing a roaring trade at 6pm on a Tuesday night) - and I'm mightily impressed. Still, if I had the choice I'd probably go for the eponymous Honest Burger, but then it's not every month I don't eat meat!

Honest Burgers is located at 4A Meard Street, Soho, London W1F 0EF

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