Friday 19 October 2012

The Thirsty Bear Burger Challenge taken on by Randy Santel

Adam Richman at Man v Food has a lot to answer for. 

Thirsty Bear Burger Challenge - Goldie Hops and The Three Bears

He's spawned a tribe of followers who will take on the world's biggest food challenges, and Randy Santal is one of them. He's won over 113 food challenges in the last 18 months in the U.S., and he's on his way over here for a series of challenges across the UK.

Here's his schedule:

Glasgow: Bunker Bar
Glasgow: AdLib
Lancaster: Go Burrito!: Sink the Titantic
Liverpool: What's Cooking: The Olympic Burger
Walsall: Smokey's Joint: Smokey's Monster Challenge
London: The Thirsty Bear: Goldiehops & The 3 Grizzly Bears

This final challenge is happening on Saturday evening at the Thirsty Bear on Stamford Street, in Waterloo (read my Thirsty Bear burger review here), and he's taking on 4.5lbs of burger, double chips, and two pints of meantime in 1 hour...

I wish him luck...and I kinda want to do this challenge myself. Let me know if you think I should give it a go...


  1. I am extremely tempted to try this out, looks amazing!

  2. Woo I was the one who let Randy know about this challenge so its awesome he went for it and managed it!


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